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January Flowers from Prestige

A fresh new start to the year with some fresh flowers!

I have very kindly been gifted the Paris Haute Florist* bouquet by the lovely team at Prestige Flowers!

January’s bouquet is very bright and uplifting – which is perfect for injecting a bit more life into the slump month that is January.. They’re totally different from last month’s box bouquet!

The Packaging

Back to the tall box with the flowers stood inside a gift bag! The flowers come well packaged and it’s seriously impressive, there’s never any damage to the flowers themselves. Also, the flowers are perfectly presented inside and super easy to lift out. The box is SO tall and I usually have to pop the box on the floor, so that I can actually get the flowers (short girl problems..).

The Flowers

As I mentioned above, this bouquet is just very bright and uplifting. There’s just something about lilies opening up that makes you feel happy!

The flowers inside the bouquet are;

  • Memory Lane Roses
  • Divine Deep Water Roses
  • Oriental Lilies
  • Stallion Chrysanthemums
  • Forest Fresh Eucalyptus

So far, I have had this bouquet in my room for a week and some of the roses are starting to look a bit sorry for themselves. However, a few of the lilies are only just starting to bloom – my fave bit! These flowers have taken quite a bit of water so far, so they’re obviously thirsty flowers! They look great and I’m really enjoying watching the lilies bloom each day.

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*Contains PR Gift for the sole purpose of review. All views and opinions have not been influenced and are totally my own.