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What I Got For Christmas: Lifestyle Edition

All the lifestyle bits I received for Christmas!

As I said in my previous beauty post, no disclaimer and thank you again to my very generous family.

Let’s see all of the lifestyle-y bits I got for Christmas..

Home & Interior

Fox & Ivy C & K Mug’s – I absolutely love alphabet/letter mug’s, etc. so I was super pleased that we got these mug’s for Christmas! They are absolutely huge as well, so I can enjoy a lovely big hot chocolate in mine.

Fox & Ivy C & K Tumbler’s – Perfect for my gin’s! I love the gold and the whole design of this tumbler is right up my street. They’re a nice big size too, like the mug’s, which is perfect!

Fox & Ivy C & K Coaster’s – I’m trying not to, but I really do have a thing with coaster’s which I know sounds ridiculous! I don’t whether to have these downstairs on our future coffee table (everything is ‘future’ because we don’t have it yet/probably won’t have it for a while) or upstairs on our bedside table’s.. What do you think?!

Light Up Letter Board – I have wanted one of these for ages, but haven’t had a use for one until now with the decision of moving. My vision is to have this on a future bar cart!

Yankee Candle Roses Diffuser – This diffuser is the culprit that nearly ruined my shelf, wall, bed frame, bedding and cushions! I had my window open one day and a massive gust of wind basically managed to knock this diffuser over and it was dripping all over my bed and down my wall, etc. whilst we were all out at work! Not good! Anyway, my room obviously smelt amazing and my mum replaced the diffuser as one of my Christmas pressies!

Sanctuary Spa Divine Candle Trio – You can never go wrong with candle’s and these were another stocking filler of mine. I haven’t opened them yet, so don’t know what they smell like, but they look fab. The scent’s are; Golden Rose Oud, Signature Sanctuary and Vanilla Gingersnap. Cannot wait to light these up!

Zoella Lifestyle Midnight Wonder Candle – Funny story with this one.. My best friend bought me this for Christmas and brought it round on Christmas Eve for me to open. However, when knocking on my door she managed to drop it and the glass smashed! It was so funny and I managed to save the candle by popping it in another pot – but just a little background story on this one for you! It smells absolutely amazing. Zoe really does know what she’s doing when it comes to scents!

Food & Drink

Pink Gin – My fave type of gin! Closely followed by Hendrick’s.. I love both paired with Elderflower Fever Tree Tonic.

Chocolate – We received the biggest bar of Galaxy chocolate I have ever seen in my life, along with three tubs of Lindt chocolate. We are slowly making our way through them!

Whittard’s Sticky Toffee Pudding White Hot Chocolate – Whittard’s hot chocolate is expensive but it really is the best! I adore white hot chocolate and this sticky toffee pudding offering is delicious. It sounds super sickly, and it probably is, but I don’t find it too much at all and I struggle with overly sweet things these days.


M&S Black Skinny Jeans – These are the best and comfiest skinny jean’s I have ever tried, so far. They’re also only £19.50 which is such a bargain! I find they’re way more true to size than Topshop jeans as well.. I’m happy to have some high waisted skinny jean’s back in my life!

Bee Print Scarf – A cute little scarf in my stocking filler, that I’ll be able to wear come Spring. I love anything with bee’s on, as they remind me of one of my best friend’s – cute!

Topshop Petite Slouch Coat (Black) – I have been searching for and wanting the perfect black coat for the longest time and this one just ticked all of the boxes. I find Topshop coat’s to fit me the best as well.

Topshop Petite Coat (Grey) – I have also been after a grey coat for the same amount of time too. I knew I was receiving the black coat, as I went and chose it, but I also tried on a grey one too. In the end, I opted for the black, just because I knew I’d get more wear out of it. So, Kieran surprised me by buying the grey one without me knowing! It’s safe to say that I’m super happy to have them both in my ever growing coat collection.

Topshop Pants – You can never go wrong with receiving new pants as a little stocking filler! The ones I usually get from Topshop are soo comfy too – I’m not about that thong life!!

M&S 5 Pair Ribbed Sparkle Socks – Another stocking filler, gotta love ’em! I recently got a pair of leopard print boots from New Look and I needed some socks to wear with them, that weren’t ankle socks nor had a frill. So my friend (who works in M&S) suggested these as she has them and loves them. I love anything sparkly so these are a fab find! 


Astrid & Miyu Basic Ear Cuff in Rose Gold – After watching one of Lydia Millen’s videos, I discovered that I could in fact get a cuff earring without actually having to pierce my ear! This is perfect for me because my ear’s get infected easily and I hate pain (who loves it?!). So I popped two cuff’s on my little Crimbo wish list and this was one of them!

Astrid & Miyu Crossing Lines Small Stacking Ear Cuff in Rose Gold – This was the other one and it’s slightly smaller, so I can wear them both in different areas on my ear. They’re so cool and such fab quality – they’re also fairly easy to get on your ear as well!

H.Samuel 9ct White Gold Knot Earrings – I’m not positive the one’s I’ve linked are the same, but they definitely are extremely similar, if not. I’m really bad with earrings and literally own about two pair’s, so I needed some more to add to my tiny collection. These knot style ones with the little gem in the middle are super cute and look really lovely in your ear’s!

Books & Stationery

Zoe Sugg Cordially Invited – So excited to start having a flick through this, especially when I move out. Zoe is such a fab host and I’m always in awe of how well she throws a party/shindig! The photography in this book looks stunning too.

A Blogger’s Journal – My boyfriend’s sister got this for me and I just think it’s great. She’s a perfect example of someone who doesn’t necessarily ‘get/understand’ the whole blogging thing, but appreciates the work that goes into it. This present made me giggle and it’s definitely going to be super useful too – I love it!

Cath Kidston Bumble Bee Pen – Another cute little present and this was from my cousin! I absolutely loved all of the bumble bee printed stuff in Cath Kidston last year – I was lusting after all of it.


Cath Kidston Card Holder – I’m one of those people that never has cash and tends to only leave the house (if I’m lucky!) with my ID and card! So most of the time, a purse any size is usually a bit of a waste. I also tend to use cross body bag’s religiously and the majority of them can’t even fit a purse in, so.. I completely adore the colour of this one and it’s ideal for only carrying two card’s around with you.

Skinny Dip iPhone Case – My best friend has this phone case and I totally copied her! It’s so cute and Skinny Dip always do the best phone case’s.

Yankee Candle Fresh Cut Roses Car Air Freshener – Another useful stocking filler! Who doesn’t enjoy their car smelling all fresh and of roses?!

What lifestyle bits did you receive for Christmas?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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