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5 Things I’m Currently Loving

Let’s chat about a few things I’m currently loving..

I don’t really ever share ‘monthly favourites’, as it’s not often that I use/discover new products – I tend to stick to the same things I know and already love! However, I’ve recently, very kindly, been gifted and have bought, some amazing items that I’m loving right now.

Freshly Cosmetics Pro-Repair Hand & Nail Treatment*

I’m always totally spoilt by my lovely Freshly fam – they are so kind! I get sent products from them fairly often, with no obligation to talk about the products – I just usually do because their products are amazing! Anyway, I was recently gifted their Hand & Nail Treatment and it’s really lovely. With the arrival of the cold weather comes super dry and sore hands, so this has really been my saviour! This hand cream is packed with Shea Butter, so you know your hands will be repaired in no time. With each application, the top’s of my hands are becoming less dry – so this stuff really works and I love it! (a kindly gifted item, with no obligation to post about it)

Carmex Lip Balm in Cherry

I purchased this a few weeks ago in desperation whilst out, as I had no lip balm on me and my lips were SO dry and sore. I opted for Carmex as I’ve heard it’s a great brand and let me tell you, this stuff is literally magic! You know when your lips are so incredibly dry that it makes you want to cry because they’re so painful? Which then means you’re applying lip balm multiple times a day for a few day’s.. Well, I applied this maybe two to three times in one day and by the next day my lips were completely back to normal. I know, I can’t believe it either!? This is hand’s down the best lip balm I have ever tried in my life! It sort of tingles when you pop it on your lips too, especially in the cracked areas – so you can actually feel it working. It’s very satisfying! (an item bought with my own money and I have never worked with Carmex before)

NYK1 Lashforce Eyelash & Brow Growth Serum*

Something I have really been enjoying adding into my routine recently is this Lash & Brow Serum from NYK1. You apply this twice daily (morning and evening) as if you were applying a liquid liner. It’s very easy to apply and I find it oddly therapeutic actually! It’s very safe to use close to your eye area – I have actually got this in my eye a couple of times and can confirm that it’s absolutely fine and nothing happens! According to NYK1, this serum will lengthen, thicken and darken your lashes and brows in a matter of weeks. Now, I can’t speak for how this product performs on your eyebrows because I haven’t used it for that purpose. I have quite full and dark brows anyway, so I didn’t want to heighten that! As for my lashes though, they definitely look and feel stronger for sure. I feel as if my lashes are holding mascara better – if that’s even a thing!? Basically, my lashes look better when I’ve applied my mascara now than they did before. My lashes are thicker and darker than they were too, which I’m very pleased about and I’ve definitely noticed that any sparse areas have now disappeared. As for the length, I feel like this is only noticeable once I’ve applied mascara – but that’s still a great thing anyway! The serum has thoroughly impressed me and I’ll happily continue using it for further results! (a kindly gifted item, for the sole purpose of review)

Adexe Petite Marshmallow Watch*

If you caught my 2019 Goals post, then you will have seen this watch make an appearance there. It definitely caught my eye and I was instantly intrigued. So, instead of opting for the usual rose gold/gold watch – that I so dearly love – I really wanted to push myself out of my fashion comfort zone with this Marshmallow watch. I’m so happy this suits me and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Adexe watches are of a great quality and look so classy on your wrist. Wearing this one has been enjoyable. (a kindly gifted item, for the sole purpose of review in my 2019 goals post. I have also worked on a gifting only basis with Adexe previously)

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Perfume

Those that read my What I Got For Christmas; Beauty post will know that Kieran gifted me the English Pear & Freesia perfume from Jo Malone that I have been lusting after for years! I was so happy to finally have it in my collection and my goodness it smells beautiful. It’s so fresh and light and delicate and it’s just perfect, I can’t stop wearing it right now! I highly recommend buying yourself a Jo Malone fragrance, as you will not be disappointed. Having a Jo Malone perfume in my collection feels very luxurious and I’m looking forward to adding more, in time. Also, the bottle is such good quality and it just feels expensive – which you would expect for the price! My bottle is also engraved, which I think is such a lovely touch and makes this item even more luxurious! (a gifted item from boyfriend as a Christmas present)

What are you currently loving?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

*Contains PR Gift’s for the sole purpose of review. I would never share something I didn’t truly love.

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