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A UK Travel Bucket List

I’m desperate to discover more of the UK, so here’s a list of everywhere I would love to visit!

I popped my 2019 goals up a few weeks back and it has got me thinking about all of the places within the UK that I would love to visit. There are so many fab places here, that I’m yet to discover and it’s such a waste! I also don’t particularly enjoy flying, so any excuse for a good old road trip and I’m all for it!

Durdle Door, Dorset

I swear in the Summer this place looks like it’s abroad!? I really must try and visit Durdle Door and the surrounding area this year. I’ve been expressing for years that I’d love to go!


I love exploring a good seaside town and Bournemouth during the Summer month’s also looks great.


I blame TOWIE for this one.. Not that I’ve watched it in year’s, but it looks like a cool place and I find the accent rather endearing!


I’ve seen a couple of fellow bloggers that live in these areas and I’ve noticed a few nice spots within the areas. So let me know if any of you have been and what you thought, as I probably know the least about these three and which one is/are all of them worth visiting!?


I know, I can’t believe I haven’t visited either.. It’s a must! I love walking so a good short hiking break during Spring/Summer is something I’m really keen to do.


A main city I have never visited and would love to know more about.


Another city I haven’t visited and I heard the Trafford Centre is great for shopping..


Some may say ‘tacky’ but I would actually love to visit Blackpool and see the Blackpool Tower! Kieran’s grandparent’s lived here at one point and loved it, so it kind of has a slight sentimental value to it as well.


York looks like such a cute little place and definitely my kind of vibe, I need to visit ASAP.

Lake District

I know, I seriously do not know what is wrong with me and how I can even class myself as a Brit when I have never visited the Lake District..


Another city that I’m super intrigued by and would love to visit. My knowledge of UK cities needs to become better, for sure!


It looks quite picturesque and relaxed here – which is definitely my kind of place! Again, I don’t know much about Cambridge, so if anyone’s visited then do let me know your thoughts.

So, there’s my big list of UK places I would love to visit. I’m sure I’ll end up adding other areas as I work through this list over the next few years.. I’m excited to get to know my home country more! If any of you have visited these areas and have any recommendations, please do let me know.

What places are you desperate to visit in the UK?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡