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February Gifting with Prestige Flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day with Prestige Flowers!

What’s better than receiving a gorgeous bunch of bright red flowers for the month of February?! This month’s bunch, that was kindly gifted by Prestige Flowers, is the L’Amore bouquet* from the Haute Florist collection.

I certainly felt the love when receiving and opening this bouquet, that’s for sure! I also loved the added addition of the gold material.

The Packaging

The packaging is the same as each month, in the tall box. It’s always perfectly packaged and arrives beautifully and all in one piece. I also forgot to mention that the stems of the flowers always come wrapped in a thick material full of some sort of liquid, which helps to keep the flowers fresh whilst in transit.

The Flowers

The main theme of February’s bouquet is definitely love, with the red roses. I can never do the bouquet’s justice when popping them in a vase – I need to get better at this! Unfortunately, aside from the beautiful roses, I was slightly disappointed with this bouquet. Only because the roselilies didn’t bloom at all, which I was underwhelmed by (obviously). The roses also lasted four days before browning/crisping. I hate saying this too because I absolutely love Prestige Flowers and have been seriously impressed with all of my previous month’s bouquet’s. This bouquet was still beautiful, nonetheless.

The flowers inside the bouquet;

  • Rhodos Roses
  • Hypericum
  • Thlaspi
  • Golden Orbits
  • Double Flowering RoseLilies

So, aside from the slightly disappointing note, February’s flowers were very romantic and filled my room with love! They also drank a lot of water over the few days they lasted, so I’m hoping that my house was just too hot for them to survive..

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*Contains PR Gift for the sole purpose of review. All views and opinions have not been influenced and are totally my own.