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A Few Home Update Ideas

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Just a few tips & tricks to update your home…

Following on from my previous post with Sass & Belle, today I thought I’d share a couple of home update ideas – although they won’t necessarily be typical ‘decor’ ideas. I think I’ll do a separate post for that because that list will be endless!

I’ll start off with a few ideas to help spruce up any tired looking room;

  • Give it a lick of paint – nothing says ‘new’ like a fresh coat of paint. Our bathroom was pretty grim before we moved in and, aside from the pastel green sink, bathtub and toilet, the main issue was the magnolia coloured walls.. We freshened the whole room up by painting it a nice bright white, it instantly looked so much better.
  • Replace the flooring – another thing we did in the bathroom. The flooring was pretty terrible and outdated, so we replaced it with a wooden effect vinyl. Honestly, new flooring makes such a difference and you don’t have to spend loads of money on it either.
  • Add curtains – It’s funny how odd window’s look without a pair of curtains. I think they add that little something extra to frame the window and you can choose ones with various different patterns, to suit your style.
  • Add storage/pieces of furniture – Another fairly obvious one, but the furniture you choose can dramatically change the look and feel of any room. My favourite place right now is Wayfair.

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Clever Lighting Ideas For Those Hard To Reach Areas

Lighting in your home isn’t just for decorative purposes, it also serves a function, and whilst we often focus on picking lighting solutions that work well with our decor, you should also consider the light they’re going to provide in a space too.

Hard to reach areas in the home can be a struggle to light well, and of course you have to consider when the bulbs run out because you’ll need to replace them easily.

LED lights are always your best option when it comes to lighting hard to reach areas, because the bulbs last so much longer compared to other bulbs, plus using them alongside aluminium extrusions for LED lighting means you can light up really tight areas in the home.


Recessed lighting in the bathroom is a popular choice in modern homes, not only does it look incredibly stylish, but it’s functional and sometimes ambient too. The most important thing to consider when lighting hard to reach areas in the bathroom, such as along the bath, you want light fixtures that are waterproof and LED bulbs are going to be your best bet so they don’t need replacing often plus they don’t generate much heat either.


Lighting under cabinets in the kitchen can be tricky to install and replace but with the installation of LED extrusion channels the job is made a whole lot easier and the lights are protected from dust and other materials. These strip extrusion channels can be easily cut to fit your cabinets perfectly and the aluminium extrusion profiles come in both recessed and surface mounted on Light Supplier.


While lighting the main bedroom can be done pretty easily with pendant lights, table lamps and other solutions, the hard to reach area we’re really thinking of in the bedroom is specifically in the wardrobe. Now, this might not be an area that you’ve considered lighting before, but once you add lights you’ll be sorry you never done it sooner.

Lighting the wardrobe makes everything that little bit easier when you’re looking for a specific item. Plus, if it’s beautifully lit, you’re more likely to want to keep it neat and tidy because a light shows up the piles of mess in there otherwise.

Check out the LED Wardrobe Hanging Rails for a unique and clever way of lighting your wardrobe.

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The article above was recently sent through and I found it so interesting, that I just had to share it with you guys. I know we all love a bit of home/interior content too! Lighting is also something we don’t tend to think about – at least I don’t anyway! Which is why I found this piece interesting, as it opened my eyes to a couple new ideas. I love the idea of wardrobe lighting, which is something I’d never really thought of – especially if you have a large/walk-in wardrobe, how dreamy! Kitchen cabinet lighting is also a classic style too and adds so much to the overall look of your kitchen.

What home update ideas would you suggest?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter 
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