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A Little Look Into February

A mini heatwave in February?!

Firstly, let’s discuss that lush weather we got towards the end of Feb.. What a dream! Please come back.

Secondly, myself and Kieran finally moved in on Saturday 23rd February. So, we have been in our new home for just over a week now and it’s been great! I have vlogged the experience and my first moving in vlog is now live.

Sharing The Love

Blog: My favourite blog post’s of this month include the following!

Instagram: My favourite account’s this month have been..

  • Madi Williams – I’m absolutely loving Madi’s photography and editing style right now, it’s amazing!
  • Kate, Kate La Vie – I always completely adore Kate’s photography and who wouldn’t want a feed that looked like hers?! That’s the ultimate goal.
  • Jasmin, Healthy Twenties – Jasmin’s food photography is literally unreal. Jasmin is definitely a photographer I look up to and my life will be complete if I can even be half as good a photographer as her one day.
  • Sofia, Foreverfi – What a supportive and friendly gal Fi is! She always leaves the loveliest comments on my photos and I love her natural and subtly-colourful feed.

Twitter: Absolutely loved this tweet by Lauren. You should never demean someone’s dream, but instead support and encourage them. I don’t even know Lauren, but my god am I happy for her!


My Most Loved

Blog: Looks like everyone loves a good travel wish list because mine went down super well, which I definitely was not expecting. I am still yet to tick any destinations off..

Instagram: This same photo that went alongside my travel wish list post was my most popular on Instagram too. A lot of you seemed to like this photo, which is fab, but isn’t it funny how your own personal favourite photos never seem to do as well..

Twitter: You’re all so supportive when it comes to my YouTube videos and I cannot thank you enough! My tweet about uploading my first one certainly got a few of you interested.

Monthly Favourites

Fave Beauty and/or Skincare Product: Mario Badescu Anti Acne Serum. Ok so admittedly, I have only used this once. I also bought this for my cousin to trial, as she suffers quite badly with her skin. Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to work for her but for me? It did. I’ve had this small cluster on my right temple that has been seriously persistent. So I popped this on the other day and now that cluster is hardly noticeable – impressive right?! I’ll continue to use this just to make sure it wasn’t a one off..

Fave Song: Dancing With A Stranger (with Normani) by Sam Smith. I’m having a complete moment with this song and absolutely bladdy love it!

Fave Food: Mini Eggs. Hands down. They came back towards the end of Feb, just in time for Easter, and I’m SO happy about it!

Fave Restaurant: The White Hart, Olveston. A cute little pub near me and my friend’s boyfriend is the chef there – he’s an incredible chef FYI. Myself and two of my friend’s came here for a little Galentine’s date and it was so cute, the food was amazing, of course. If you’re ever near the area, go here for food!

Fave Purchase: I bought a few house-y bits (using my savings of course cos lol no job means no money..) and my two faves include and this gorgeous welcome mat from Matalan and this beaut blue sofa bed from Wayfair!

Fave TV Show: Famous & Fighting Crime. If you haven’t watched this, then you need to go and catch up with it! It’s SO good. All five of the celeb’s involved are really immersing themselves and it’s a great watch and insight into police life.

Fave Event/Moment: Definitely moving in. It’s real now and feels amazing, a little daunting at times, but still such a huge and exciting milestone.

Fave Item of Clothing: Probably my M&S High Waist Black Super Skinny Jeans that I got for Christmas. FYI, they’re soooo much better than the Topshop Joni Jeans and are more than half the price!!

Fave Blog Post Written: Even though this post was one of the hardest post’s I’ve ever written and published on my blog, I’m really glad I did because everyone has been so incredibly kind and supportive about it. I’m definitely going to start posting more personal post’s from now on!

New Discoveries

Instagram: Jess Berry, JessWhoBlog. Chloé Crane-Leroux, chloecleroux. Ruby Peng, wanderlustruby. Fleur Alice, fleuralice.

Only a few this month, but all of their accounts are beyond beautiful!


Looking Forward To

Booking: Maybe a little UK trip away somewhere for me and Kieran.. I’m thinking either the Cotswold’s, as it’s close to us, or maybe York if we fancy a bit of a road trip!

Planning: The potential UK trip away..

Celebrating: One of my Auntie’s 30th with a little family get together!

Watching: The new Mummy Diaries with Sam & Billie Faiers, I absolutely love this show and both Sam and Billie.

Seeing: Some actual money coming into my account again – yay! Not everything is about money, granted, but when you haven’t received a single pay cheque since the beginning of November, it gets really tough. Especially when you have also moved out and still have a persistent car loan going out each month!

Buying: Some more house stuff of course and I’ll be treating Kieran to a meal or a night away, to say thank you for being my bank account for the last couple of month’s. Oh and for also just generally being supportive.

Eating: Allll the chocolate – because it’s Easter of course!

Monthly Summary

Instagram: 3.2k

Blog Views: 800+

BlogLovin’ Count: 637

Blog Posts: 7

Twitter: 489

What did you love throughout February?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

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*Photo contains #gifted item from Freshly Cosmetics