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Home Updates with Sass & Belle

A few new home additions from Sass & Belle…

When I received an email with the opportunity to collaborate with Sass & Belle, I honestly couldn’t believe my luck – I mean !!!!

I have bought little homeware bits from S&B for quite a few year’s now and always love the little collections that they do. I was very kindly gifted a few items to style up and it came at just the right time, as I now have my own home to add my personal touch to.

As you will have read in my previous post, myself and Kieran moved out last month. Homeware decor is my absolute fave and you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to have my own place to go to town on! It’s very exciting.

I also just want to quickly start this post off by saying that our home is by no means done. We literally moved in on Saturday, so nothing is final and I’m just getting a feel for where things can go/how I can style different areas of the house up. So please do bare with me!

So, let’s get on to the lovely bits I received..

Gold Sunburst Mirror* – £12.00

Oh yes, I got that ‘blogger’ mirror! How could I possibly resist? It’s sooo cute. It’s small and compact, which I quite like, as that then means that I can keep moving it around to where I see fit. I currently have it propped up in our bathroom, as we have a lovely little white shelf in there that it can sit on. It looks fab against the stark white, as it adds that much needed pop to the otherwise plain white area.

Metallic Monochrome I Woke Up Like This Mug* – £8.50

I love a good mug, my cupboard is bursting at the seams with them! Ones with a cute little quote/slogan on always go down well with me too. I adore the black, gold and white and I think this mug looks and feels super expensive! I mean, £8.50 isn’t exactly ‘cheap‘ for a mug, but the quality is there and it’s just a super lovely mug isn’t it?!

Memphis Modern Be You Beautiful Trinket Dish* – £7.50

Who can resist a pretty little trinket dish?! They finish off any surface perfectly and when it’s as beautiful as this one, it makes you go all heart-eyed for it. I love the small quote and the confetti part and the colour combination is just gorgeous. Suits me down to an absolute T and goes with the rest of my current decor! We currently have this one downstairs in the lounge, on our side table and tend to pop any loose change or keys on it.

Flowery Earring Stand, Cream* – £9.00

Going to be honest, I never thought that I needed one of these until I kindly got gifted this one! I have a few more jewellery pieces than I originally thought I did, so this has come in super handy. The little leaf’s that you can pop your earrings through are so cute and I enjoyed popping all of my jewellery on there – after this photo was taken, obviously.. It also finished off the top of my drawers nicely too, as the area was looking a little bland.

Memphis Modern Pastel Blue Patterned Vase* – £7.00

Now is this not the cuuutest little vase you ever did see?! Mint green, black and white is a really lovely colour combo and I’m just totally obsessed with this pattern right now. This particular range from S&B is probably one of my all time faves! I’m thinking of purchasing some fake eucalyptus to pop in here and keep on this side table – so let me know if any of you have found any good quality fake eucalyptus!

I’m always seriously impressed with the quality of Sass & Belle products, especially considering how inexpensive all of their pieces are. It’s such a fab brand for homeware/lifestyle bits and I cannot recommend S&B enough! Thank you so much for all of my goodies!

Which is your favourite Sass & Belle item?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter ♡

*Contains PR Gift for the sole purpose of review. All views and opinions have not been influenced and are totally my own.