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A Bundle of 7th Heaven Face Masks

Face mask heaven…

I’ve never really been one for a face mask, but that’s only because I’m super lazy! So when I was contacted by 7th Heaven* to try out a few of their’s, I thought it would be a great way to introduce face mask’s into my skincare routine. 7th Heaven face mask’s are really inexpensive, with super fun packaging, so the brand has always stood out to me!

7th Heaven very kindly gifted me four different mask’s (and two of each!); three were peel off ones and one was a bubble mask – very intriguing, right?!

Charcoal Detox Bubble Mask*

Ok, is this not the most interesting mask you’ve ever seen?! Maybe I just live under a rock, but I had never heard of a bubbling face mask before.. This sheet mask was definitely the coolest face mask experience ever. The bubbling sensation felt super weird, but I kinda loved it! It really felt like it was doing something and digging deep into my pores. I have tried another bubbling type of product before and this face mask didn’t itch like the other product did. All I can say is that I looked freakin’ scary with this on! My face literally tripled in size, due to the bubbling, and it was hilarious – I have the funniest selfie of me wearing it on my phone!

This bubble sheet mask was fairly easy to pop onto my face and, once smoothed down, it stuck to my face really well and didn’t move around. There was no real obvious scent to the mask, it smelt fine – not amazing but not horrible either.

I definitely feel like my skin looked a little brighter straight after taking the mask off, however it was a little tight and dry. This was easily fixed by popping on my usual Clinique moisturiser, which would have been done anyway, even if the mask hadn’t made my skin feel dry! It’s understandable why my skin felt like this anyway, as I expect it was due to the bubbling. It’s nothing to complain about though, as the mask doesn’t claim to be hydrating or moisturising.

The next day and a few days after using this mask, I felt like my skin did look a tiny bit clearer (I had been suffering with a cluster of spots around my forehead for a few months at the time of trying this mask a few weeks ago) and more even too! So, overall, I really loved this mask and would definitely purchase it again.

Pink Guava Peel-Off*

Anything that’s pink and smells this good, I can totally get on board with! I absolutely love the gel consistency of this one and it’s a really cute vibrant pink colour. Once applied, this mask did take a little while longer than advised to dry and whilst it was drying/was nearly dry, my skin felt so incredibly tight.

When applying this mask, I did feel really apprehensive about peeling it off – as I was worried it might hurt a bit! However, I needn’t have worried because peeling it off was SO easy and didn’t hurt one bit! As I didn’t wait for the mask to fully dry, there were some sticky bits of mask left on my cheeks, which were pretty annoying to get off. I possibly should have applied a thinner layer, that way the whole mask potentially would dried then.

My skin felt incredibly soft immediately after using the mask and a few blackhead’s (from my nose) were eliminated in the process of peeling off the mask. It also looked super fresh and quite shiny – which is never something to complain about!

Coconut + Clay Peel-Off*

Ooh another mask that smells delightful! I feel like this mask would be absolutely perfect for taking away on holiday with you, just for that little extra pamper. As it smells heavenly and anything coconut scented instantly reminds me of being away on holiday. The Coconut + Clay mask is a thick and white consistency and I would say it was probably the easiest of the four masks to apply. It also felt cooling once applied to my skin and whilst it was drying. Therefore, I can imagine this one being quite nice if you’re feeling a little hot and flustered!

Once the mask was dry, my face went extremely stiff and tight and, not gonna lie, I kinda love that feeling. However, as long as I didn’t move my face, I really wasn’t aware of this mask on my skin at all. Whereas I knew I had a face mask on with all of the others.

Peeling off the mask didn’t hurt one bit and was fairly easy to do. Although there were a few bits that stuck to my skin where the mask hadn’t fully dried. My skin instantly felt really smooth and wasn’t red at all, nor did it feel tight or dry – quite the opposite actually, my skin felt hydrated. I did still use my usual evening moisturiser anyway, but it wouldn’t have been essential to as this mask isn’t drying in the slightest.

Pink Cactus + Clay Peel-Off*

This mask is a gorgeous baby pink colour and is very thick, but very transparent. It was super easy to apply and dried quickly – within 15 minutes. Like all of the others, it smells amazing too.

Once dry, it felt super tight and I could hardly move my mouth/face! Removing the mask was easy and pain free. It did also take a few white/black head’s off of my nose, which is always great.

My skin felt soft and also looked a little smoother too. However, I did feel like my skin needed some moisture and it did soak up the moisturiser I applied.


So there we have it – my verdict on four of the 7th Heaven face masks! I thoroughly enjoyed trying them all out and they’re such great value for money. I couldn’t recommend them more and they really are fun to use!

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*Contains PR Gift for the sole purpose of review. Review required on my Instagram only, I had no obligation to publish this blog post. All views and opinions have not been influenced and are totally my own.