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A Little Look Back on March

Continued warm weather? In March?!

It’s crazy how early the warm weather has hit us this year and I certainly am not complaining, that’s for sure. I just really hope it continues for the foreseeable!

March was the start of a busy month, as I finally started my new job and we were completely settled into our new home. I’m really enjoying my new job and it involves being outside all day, which is really lovely (as long as it doesn’t rain) and it’s definitely keeping me super fit and active – a massive bonus!

So, let’s got on with how March went and all of my March favourites…

Sharing The Love

Blog: My favourite blog post’s in March were;

  • Gemma, One Year of Self-Employment as a Blogger – I always love and appreciate how honest Gemma is, she never beats around the bush and isn’t afraid to say or share anything. I personally love this and think that it makes her all the more real and relatable. Gemma has taken the blogging world by storm and has turned her little hobby into a full time job and she’s done it incredibly well too. She’s truly inspiring and posts about things she’s truly passionate about.
  • Lucy, Why You Need a Blazer in Your Wardrobe – Now all I can think about is how much I want/need a blazer.. I’ve never really been into the trend, but Lucy’s definitely changed my mind on that one!
  • Kelsey, A Laidback Guide to Restaurants in Kauai – Hawaii is somewhere that I’ve always wanted to go and I’m so glad my friend across the pond, Kelsey, has been recently as I can now pick her brains! Her little restaurant guide was totally honest and I now have a few places that have been firmly added to my list.

Instagram: My favourite photo’s include the following;

  • Megan – Meg’s account is just so cute and I’m obsessed with her flawlessly natural feed. I always love her little mirror selfies too, including this one!
  • Alice, BlackTulipBeauty – Ah my friend Alice is too gorgeous! Look how incredible she is at makeup too?! This makeup look is giving me all of the Spring/Summer vibes.
  • Kate, KLVHome – Who else is possibly a little too excited that Kate has created a home account?! I’m legit obsessed and if my home ever were to look like hers, I honestly think my life would be complete..
  • Gemma Louise – Gemma’s photography and editing style right now is kiiiiilling me. I absolutely adore it! How she doesn’t have millions of followers yet, I honestly do not know – you’re all mad if you don’t follow her!

Twitter: Ok, this is actually a revelation (please tell me none of you knew about this either?!). This tweet gave me all the feels and I desperately wanted to be young(er) again, racing home from school to catch the new Hannah Montana episode.. Also, preach this all day everyday!

My Most Loved

Blog: Last month’s recap post for February was my most viewed for March, which, as always, is so lovely. It does take a while to put together these monthly post’s, so when they do well it makes all of the hard work even more worth it!

Instagram: Instagram loves a pink wall right?! I’m finally back to hitting over 100 likes per photo, which I know isn’t a lot to some people, but it is to me and that’s all that matters! This pink outfit post was my most loved for March and thank you to everyone who did show it some love.

Twitter: Well, it’s definitely safe to say that this post was very popular on Twitter.. Am I Twitter famous now?! Haha I joke, but seriously I cannot believe how many people liked this tweet – I really was not expecting it at all. It seems like a lot of people agree and yet there’s still nothing being done about it all..

Monthly Favourites

Fave Beauty and/or Skincare Product: Freshly Cosmetics Fresh Green Micellar Water*. Why does anything apple scented smell so darn good?! I love this and I usually tend to sweep this across my face each evening, just to remove any environmental ‘dirt’ from my skin.

Fave Song: Sucker by Jonas Brothers. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Jonas Brothers and this song is amazing. It’s so feel good and just makes me want to go away on holiday (specifically to America of course..). It’s just an absolute tune and I love it.

Fave Food: I am absolutely loving the Aldi Benefit breakfast bar’s – specifically the Summer Fruits and the Chocolate & Fudge ones. They’re delicious and cheap!

Fave Restaurant: Technically we didn’t eat out at this restaurant, but we got a takeaway which definitely still counts! We’ve got a new Tandoori Indian restaurant in my hometown and it’s amazing. I love a good Indian!

Fave Purchase: 100% our new house plant we got from our local garden centre. It’s given so much more to the room and just added life to it! Can’t wait to continue adding bits and pieces and really make our new house a home. 

Fave TV Show: We started watching the Madeleine McCann documentary on Netflix and it’s really good. It’s so interesting and I’m thinking it might sway my opinion and change my mind on what I personally ‘thought’ happened.. It’s truly horrible what happened to poor Madeleine and I just hope we can one day find out what truly did happen to her, although I highly doubt that will ever happen..

Fave Film: Isn’t It Romantic. A lot of people really don’t like this, but I love Rebel Wilson so I really enjoyed it.

Fave Event/Moment: It’s got to be Mother’s Day right? It would be rude not to say that special day! We went out for a lovely brunch with my mum, had a lunchtime BBQ for Kieran’s mum and then we went back to mine for a small Afternoon Tea, as it was also my Uncle’s birthday.

Fave Item of Clothing: I finally got the chance to wear my new striped jumpsuit and I documented it on Instagram, of course.. I bought this towards the end of Summer last year so I never got the chance to wear it. It’s safe to say that I will be getting the wear out of it this year!

Fave Blog Post Written: I thoroughly enjoyed writing one of my first ever interior’s post and this one was a collaboration with Sass & Belle (pinch me!). I’m looking forward to creating more home-focused content.

New Discoveries

Blog: I follow the lovely Fi on Instagram and only recently started following her blog. I have no idea why, but I’m just glad I’ve found it and can now be a forever loyal supporter!

Instagram: Lareese, lareesecraig. Alice Beaulieu, alicebeaulieu. Emma, healthandfitnessbyemma. Brook & Peony, brookandpeony. Audrey Rivet, audreyrivet. China Kautz, olivecreativeco.


Looking Forward To

Booking: Potentially a small Summer break to London. I love London so much and I really enjoy visiting, so hopefully we can do so this year.

Planning: More of our future American ‘road trip’. Now I’ve got a job, I can actually start planning things again. Myself and Kieran have always loved the idea of travelling, but don’t like the idea of unsettling ourselves and having it all over in one go. So we’ve decided to have epic 3 week trips each year, this way we’ve always got something to look forward to! Once we’ve got more of a solid plan, I will talk about it in more detail, but we won’t be going until September 2020 I wouldn’t have thought and that’s ages away!

Celebrating: Both Faye and Megan’s birthday’s towards the end of the month! Hopefully we’ll be able to do something all together, as that would be lovely.

Watching: The new Avengers film in the cinema. I don’t usually like the cinema, but I really want to see this film so I’m sure I can make an exception..

Seeing: Both Faye and Megan, hopefully?! We need to plan it but it’s a bit difficult when we all work fairly different times and days of the week.. But I’m sure we’ll figure something out!

Buying: More home stuff! The next purchase should be some bedside tables – I’m just trying to find some that I really love, cos they’re not exactly cheap..

Eating: Some Italian food at a new Italian restaurant in my local area. Well, I say ‘new’ but it’s been there a while and we still haven’t eaten there yet! Hopefully April will be the month..

Monthly Summary

Instagram: 3.2k. I think I’m done with Instagram growth and would rather grow my blog! I’d also prefer more engagement on my Instagram post’s, as that’s more important than followers anyway. I love connecting with other like minded people and sharing the support.

Blog Views: 600+. Just over 600 this month, which isn’t too bad considering how little I actually posted last month..

BlogLovin’ Count: 642. Still steadily increasing each month, which is definitely the way forward and it’s nice to know that people still enjoy reading and following blogs.

Blog Posts: 4. That’s very poor isn’t it! I’m going to use the excuse that I got a new job and home, so the blog (and IG account to be fair) has taken a bit of a back seat. Hopefully I’ll be able to find that work/life/blog balance soon and become consistent again. Thanks for sticking with me this past month!

Twitter: 514. Halfway to 1,000 – woo! The popular tweet brought a long a fair few new faces, which was definitely welcomed. I still need to use the app more though, as I do love a good scroll through Twitter.

Pinterest Views: 2.7k. I’ve added this in as I’ve started pinning a bit more. I’ve also noticed that quite a bit of traffic comes from my Pinterest account, which I didn’t think it did. So I’ve added this to see how steadily (or unsteadily) I’m increasing my monthly page views on there. To be fair, I’ve gained 200 since the last time I looked, as I was on 2.5k – so that’s promising! Here is my Pinterest account for anyone interested!

What did you love throughout March?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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