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An Honest Chat About How Makeup Makes Me Feel

Something a little different for me..

Today I wanted to discuss something that’s been playing on my mind for a little while now and that’s how makeup makes me feel. My relationship with makeup has changed somewhat over the past few years and I wanted to discuss how I’m feeling right now.

The beauty (and danger) of makeup is that it can hide/cover any flaws or imperfections that you have. Obviously this is great whilst wearing the makeup, but is not so great when that ‘mask’ comes off. Now, I’m not one to wear heaps and heaps of makeup because I can’t be dealing with it feeling like a weight on my face. However, I wear enough to slightly cover my huge bags, cover my red patches, tone down the look of any pesky spots and just generally even out my skin tone. Oh and mascara makes me look like I do actually have eyelashes, even though it doesn’t look that way from photos..

SO, my point is, makeup only makes me feel good when I actually have it on. I feel more confident and ‘put together’. I mean, I hate taking the stuff off, but looking in the mirror after applying it all feels great.

However, I’ve now started feeling as if I can’t go out unless I’ve got makeup on. People won’t care, but I feel uncomfortable going ‘out’ with no makeup on. I never used to feel this way, so I’m not sure why it’s changed. I guess it’s sort of a pressure from society, either that or an insecurity. Not that I would necessarily class myself as insecure. I never used to really suffer with spots either, but a few weeks back I had been getting the most persistent cluster on my right temple. They didn’t budge for week’s and then they left marks and then came back again – it was like a vicious circle! So I feel as if this is playing a factor as to why I’m not feeling totally comfortable within my own skin lately.

Whenever I don’t have a skincare routine, I get spots. Whenever I do have a skincare routine, I get spots – I just don’t get it!? Am I using the right/wrong products? Am I using too many/not enough products? I honestly don’t know and I feel a little bit in a rut with skincare and makeup right now! Also, I totally appreciate how ‘first world problem’ this sounds, but that’s what I enjoy about blogging, you can literally write about anything you want to write about. It’s awesome. If even a little daunting sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE advocate for wearing no makeup and feeling confident and a lot of the time I will just get on with it and not bother putting any on. That doesn’t stop me from feeling self conscious when I’m out and about though. A lot of the time this will actually stop me from ‘being bothered’ to go out. Whether that’s shopping, for a meal, to the pub, etc. I’m not like it with a food shop, or a quick trip to my friend’s house, so why do I feel differently towards the other scenarios? I’m quite lazy when it comes to socialising and actually getting out of the house, so I find the need to wear makeup makes me even less inclined to get my ass out of the house.

I’m not too sure where I’m actually going with this post, but I just want to know everyone else’s thoughts on this – whether they feel the same, or disagree, or have any advice. I think I’m just starting to feel the pressure of having to look ‘perfect’ all of the time, otherwise no one’s really interested. It’s also hard not to continuously compare yourself on social media too. You see all these absolutely beautiful people and wonder why you still look about 12 years old! Like seriously, I would look ridiculous in half the outfit’s I see on my Instagram feed..

I just feel like it’s just me who might feel this way, so please do put your hand up if you feel the same way and I would love to know everyone else’s relationship’s with makeup. I think it’s a really interesting topic and something we all probably have a lot to say about.

How is your relationship with makeup? How does it make you feel?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest