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A Little Look Back on May

May, possibly my favourite month of the year..

Asides from December, of course! I always seem to have a lot planned/going on in May. It’s my birthday month for a start, along with three of my good friends’ birthday’s and my mum and dad’s too! It’s basically a month of celebrating and I always say that May is just the best month, it seems to be crazy busy with birthday’s!

Throw in a wedding this time as well and let’s just say that I’m going to thoroughly enjoy and relax on my upcoming holiday..

Sharing The Love

Blog: As you can probably already tell, I have been the world’s worst blogger for the past two month’s. I thought I’d have more time by working ‘part time’, but alas, this has not been the case. I’m hoping to do something about this though, as I’m desperate to get back on it. Therefore, I haven’t read many post’s at all this month and am around four to five weeks behind.. Let’s hope I can catch up with blog reading by next month!?

Instagram: My favourite photo’s include the following;

  • India, indiaamoon – Is India making anyone else want to jump on a plane straight to Aus right now?! I have been obsessed with following along with her travels and am loving not only India’s feed, but also her stories too! She is absolutely killing it with the travel photos right now.
  • Holly, the_fashion.blogger – I know I featured Holly last month, but her new editing style is beyond perfect! I am utterly obsessed with it and we all know she is literally the queen of fashion poses – I don’t know how she does it?!
  • Maria, mariajblogs – Was anybody else completely in love with Maria’s travel content that she posted whilst in Tenerife? I tell ya, this girl is talented! I always love watching Maria’s IG stories too as she’s so so funny and I’m always laughing along.
  • Madi Williams, mmadiwilliams – My gorgeous friend Madi, this girl is honestly amazing! I’m totally loving Madi’s beauty and lifestyle flatlay’s at the moment and her feed just looks so so pretty!

Twitter: This tweet is honestly great and just what I need to see on my Twitter timeline! I love a good video and I actually really like this version of the song, anyone else or just me?!

My Most Loved

Blog: I feel like every month my most viewed/loved blog post is always going to be the previous month’s monthly post.. Which is not a bad thing because these post’s honestly take forever to put together and write, so it’s amazing that all my hard work pays off. So, May’s most loved post was A Little Look Back on April.

Instagram: My post’s on Instagram have been doing soo much better recently, engagement wise, and I’m so so happy about it. Ever since changing up my photography style and featuring myself in every photo, I’ve really noticed a difference. It’s not really a struggle anymore to get 100 likes per photo (or above), which has been my goal for a while now. So yeah, I’m really happy and I’m excited to post to Instagram again. I don’t know why it took me so long to get myself in front of the camera more?! Anyway, I’m extremely pleased that my birthday photo received the most love, as those balloons were bladdy expensive haha..

Twitter: Another platform I haven’t been all that active on.. I’ve just really got behind with it all these last couple of month’s and that needs to change ASAP! I did pop up a tweet that received a couple of likes, about how I need sun to cope!

Monthly Favourites

Fave Beauty and/or Skincare Product: Dermalogica Prisma Protect SPF30*. I now work outside every day, so this little product I was very kindly sent, has been an absolute life saver. I haven’t burnt my face whilst wearing it, and I only apply it once in the morning, and I do feel like my skin is totally protected. It doesn’t feel greasy or oily and I currently swear by it for everyday use.

Fave Song: I Don’t Care by Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber. This song is everything I need in a song and more – also, Ed and JB? Yes please!!

Fave Food: Butternut Squash. I know, a vegetable, who am I?! But seriously, I’m having a thing with butternut squash at the moment and I just want it all the time. I love roasting it in the oven with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and paprika – SO GOOD! It’s fab with macaroni cheese and also risotto. I’ll have to start posting some food recipes here on the blog soon!

Fave Restaurant: Pizza Express! I have a very addictive and quite obsessive personality (I promise I’m not weird..), which means that throughout the month of May, I think I visited Pizza Express at least three times! I am just of the opinion that they do the best pizza, what can I say!?

Fave Purchase: Probably my new New Look Culottes. How beaut are they?! You possibly would have seen them featured in my IG story when I did a little mini ASOS haul on there. I love them! They’re so comfy and I can’t wait to wear them on holiday/to the airport.

Fave TV Show: Literally didn’t watch telly at all throughout May, but I have just got into watching episodes of Say Yes to the Dress – it’s so good and I don’t know why it took me so long to watch this show?! I love it!

Fave Film: I have two.. The Hustle and Captain Marvel. The Hustle is hilarious and I love Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson. Captain Marvel I’m soo late to the party with, but we watched it the other day and it’s amazing. I didn’t want it to end!

Fave Event/Moment: It’s got to be Kieran’s sister’s wedding day. I was a bridesmaid and the whole day was absolutely incredible – best day ever and I wish I could do it all over again! It was honestly breathtakingly beautiful and filled with so much love. I forget how they feel when photographing them, as I never know the bride and groom personally, so it was incredible to be on the other side for one day.

Fave Item of Clothing: I’ve been living in my spotty jumpsuit again.. I can’t help it, it’s just so comfy and looks great too!

New Discoveries

Instagram: Janea Brown, jnaydaily. Jasmin Bauer, jasminnbauer. Oksana Janson, oksanajanson. Lena, madamelena_. Chelsea Chen, chelchen. Cere Campbell, cereously. Jessica Ava, _jamakeup.

Looking Forward To

Booking: Hopefully a stay, or two, in London! My friend is moving there in June, so I’m definitely planning on heading up to hang out with her.

Planning: Lots and lots of holiday content.. I’m planning on vlogging, blogging and Instagramming – so keep those eyes peeled!

Celebrating: Said London friend’s birthday at the end of June!

Watching: The waves on the beaches in Menorca, the sunsets and the sun tanning my skin! Can you tell I’m in holiday mode already?!

Seeing: Our new car! We bought a new car back in April I want to say and I’ve been getting the updates of where it is in the factory – so cool! So hopefully by the time we get back from our holiday, we’ll be going to pick it up. We’ve decided to drop down to just the one car to save money and I’ll be saying a very sad and reluctant goodbye to my dream baby blue convertible..

Buying: Nothing! May absolutely ruined me and my bank balance and it’s time I started putting back in my savings.

Eating: All of the food on holiday! That’s what holidays are for, right?!

Monthly Summary

Instagram: 3,234. I’ve decided to start putting the actual number, so I can see any differences between each month. I think I’ll always stick at 3.2k to be honest and I’m happy with that, as long as I’m happy with my photos – which I am right now. Maybe one day I’ll start gaining, but 2018/2019 hasn’t been the year’s for me!

Blog Views: 400+. Not bad considering I posted twice.. Just think how many I’d get if I was actually posting consistently and a couple times a week! It’s time to give myself that much needed kick up the butt, I say.

BlogLovin’ Count: 602. Finally back over the 600 mark and *touch wood* I haven’t lost any yet.. That could all change though! Hopefully I’ll start growing again once I actually start posting..

Blog Posts: 2. Poor effort, I know! I was super happy with them though and more than happy with the photos accompanied with them, so that’s the main thing right?!

Twitter: 506. Stayed the same which isn’t too bad I don’t think! It’s better than losing anyway!

Pinterest Views: 3.6k views. 212 engagement. A little dip in the views, but that’s to be expected as I didn’t pin as much in May as I did in April. So let’s get back to pinning too! It really does make all the difference.

What did you love throughout May?xoxo

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