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June Flowers from Prestige

Say hello to June’s very Summer-y flowers!

All we need now is some actual Summer weather.. Although I think that may be on the horizon, so fingers crossed! The novelty of receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers each month definitely has not worn off yet, I don’t think it ever will! So let’s talk more about June’s edition, Orion*..

The Packaging

As always, there isn’t much to say about the packaging as it’s exactly the same each month. The flowers are always packaged in a tall box, very well and safely and you also receive a black string bag with every bunch each month. You also receive a little flower care card, with tips on how best to care for the particular flowers in your received bouquet.

The Flowers

Isn’t a beautiful pink bunch of flowers just such a classic? I love the Lilies inside this bouquet – they’re so so pretty and I do love a good Lily. This bouquet definitely has such a Summer-y feel to it and has been brightening my home since it’s appearance. The only thing I will say, is that one of the flowers (I think it was possibly one of the Lilies..) was almost gone off, in a way, and it was giving off a rather bad odour. Since it’s been removed though, the bouquet now smells lovely and fresh again! The Roses smell particularly lovely.

The flowers inside the bouquet;

  • Antique Carnations
  • Lilac
  • Trumpet Calla Lilies
  • Sweet Avalanche
  • Memory Lane Roses
  • Veronica Flowers
  • Eucalyptus

What do you think of Prestige Flowers June bouquet?xoxo

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*Contains PR Gift for the sole purpose of review. All views and opinions have not been influenced and are totally my own.