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Menorca Travel Diary

It’s about time I filled you in on all things Menorca…

So, it’s officially been over a week now since we landed back in the UK and what a rainy entrance we had! That certainly did not help with the holiday blues, I can tell you that for a fact. Where’s the UK Summer at?! I’m hoping it’s arriving this week, as the temperature is getting warmer and it’s lovely..

Anyway, enough chat about the weather and being a typical Brit. This post is all about our wonderful holiday to Menorca.

This was probably our like fifteenth trip to Menorca – I know, we’re obsessed – and we always stay in the same villa. It’s just gorgeous and we love it there. We also know the owners, so that helps, but they are sadly selling it now so it was potentially our last time ever in that villa – sad sad times..

So we definitely wanted to make the most of this trip, as we’re not sure when we’ll next be heading back!

Things We Got Up To

This holiday definitely involved a lot of sunbathing and chilling by the pool – reading book’s, playing card’s and chatting! It was so lovely and chilled, but we also managed to pack quite a lot in too.

A few trips to the beach were a must – the beach in Son Parc is beautiful and definitely one of my all time fave spots!

We also cooked a few meals ourselves at the villa on a few of the night’s, think Fajitas, Risotto, BBQ, etc.., but decided to treat ourselves by eating out for dinner a lot more than we usually would.

All The Food

We honestly found the most perfectly Instagrammable restaurant in Fornells, it’s called Isabella Beach Club and it was right up my street. Think all white everything with a lush chilled out vibe, overlooking the gorgeous blue sea – b l i s s. We ended up here one evening, eating Tapas and watching the sunset – I think this was my fave!

We have a tradition where we visit the best steakhouse every year and we visited twice on this trip (told you we’re obsessed..). It’s called Ca Na Marga and it’s super popular, with both locals and tourists. I annoyingly don’t eat steak, I just find it too much, but I had the chicken kebab both times and it was so delicious – thinking about it now makes me want to get on a plane back there, just to eat it all over again!

Considering the amount of times we’ve been to Menorca and how many times we’ve also visited Ciutadella, we’ve never actually eaten here for dinner before. So we decided to on our last evening because we love it there! We sat by the water’s edge, eating great food with great company and it was such a lush evening.

There’s also a rank of restaurants, pubs and shops near to where we stay, in Son Parc, so we ate here a couple of times too. The people are always so lovely and obviously the food is amazing! There’s quite a lot of choice too, which is perfect for someone as indecisive as me. I never know what I want to eat, so I love having alll the choice!

Where We Explored

It was our mission to explore more this time around! Even though we’ve been to Menorca sooo many times, as I’ve mentioned above, we’ve never actually really explored the island all that much, which I know is really bad. So we got our adventure shoes on and visited as many places as possible.

We headed out on a day trip on one of the days, which took us to Ciutadella, Es Mijorn, Es Castell and Binibeca. We also passed so much stunning scenery on the way to each place – the roads in Menorca are great and everywhere you pass is super scenic!

Ok, so, Ciutadella. A port city. It has an old quarter and medieval streets to wander up and down. Lots and lots of café’s and restaurants and even a fish market! The streets are also adorned with the cutest little independent shops, along with a load of tourist-y ones too, thrown in for good measure. You can wander along the port and settle down for dinner, or a drink, later on in the evening, admiring the boats and the hustle and bustle.

Binibeca completely has my heart. It’s a coastal village (does anything actually sound better than that?!), with narrow cobbled streets and white washed buildings – it has that Santorini look to it, with the whitewashed buildings. Just simply stunning. I think we want to stay here the next time we visit Menorca, it’s so so beautiful.

Es Mijorn is basically smack bang in the centre of Menorca and is a small municipality. We pretty much just drove straight through the centre and ended up near the beach. It was super windy, but was really pretty.

Es Castell is another municipality and is very close to the beautiful Binibeca. The only reason we came to this area was to see our friend’s villa, so we didn’t actually go into Es Castell. But the area is really quite quaint and peaceful.

Everything I Wore

Putting together outfit’s each day/evening on holiday was so so fun! I didn’t manage to get photos of absolutely every outfit (a must do for next time..), but these are a select few! Unfortunately, I’m not wearing anything current – I find I buy less ‘Summer’ clothes because we just don’t get the wear out of them here in the UK and I’m really trying to wear my clothes way more than once!

I buy the majority of my clothes from ASOS, I find that I can always get what I want from there and in a suitable size too. They just have so much! However, I am partial to a bit of Topshop and Urban Outfitters too.

I did try and pack an outfit for each day/night, just to get as much content as I could because I adore creating fashion and travel content, and actually managed to not wear an outfit more than once! Although, there’s nothing wrong with wearing an outfit more than once – I am a serial outfit repeater. If I find something I like wearing and it suits me, I will wear it to death! I love repeating a good outfit.

So, there’s the down low on our wonderful little trip to Menorca! I hope you enjoyed reading and mainly looking through all of the photos. I loved creating this little travel diary style post, it’s something a little different and I’ve definitely enjoyed putting it together, so these will continue from now on! Also, there will be a few vlogs going up over the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube channel for those.

Are you planning a trip away this year? If so, where to?xoxo

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