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A Little Look Back on June

Our holiday month! Bring on lots of sunshine..

June saw our epic two week holiday to Menorca and you can catch up on my dedicated Menorca Travel Diary post here! We had lots and lots of fun and it felt amazing to just relax and do whatever we wanted!

Sharing The Love

Blog: Sooo.. ‘Catching up next month’ did NOT work out at all. I now have about 8 weeks worth of blog post’s to catch up on.. I’ll get back to you on this one!

Instagram: My favourite photo’s include the following;

  • Jessica Ava, _jamakeup – The lovely Jessica did our makeup for the wedding at the end of May and I immediately became obsessed with her Instagram feed and all of her lovely photos! Isn’t she just gorgeous and SO cool?! She’s super super talented as well and so genuine – love love love.
  • Sofia, foreverfi_ – Fi is genuinely the most beautiful person, inside and out. I genuinely love her! She’s soo cute too! I’m absolutely loving her new editing style and all of her images are amazing – obsessed right now.
  • Kelsey, abalancingpeach – I’m always in awe of Kelsey’s photography skills, she’s honestly such an inspiration! I love her feed every single month, to be honest, every single day, and would include her every month!

My Most Loved

Blog: So, very randomly, a blog post from 2018 was my most viewed this month?! Clearly everyone is all about that teeth whitening life this month, as my Nano Teeth Whitening Review was very popular! I’m definitely not complaining, as this shows that my post must be fairly high on Google when searching for Nano Teeth Whitening or just teeth whitening in general?!

Instagram: June was full of holiday spam and, not gonna lie, my Instagram feed has never looked better! It seems like you all thoroughly enjoyed my holiday/travel content too and that makes me sooo happy! My most liked photo reached 135 likes and was this outfit pic from my holiday.

Twitter: No tweets again this month.. I need to up my social media game! I’ve been putting my full concentration into my Instagram account, so unfortunately other social media areas have suffered because of this – I need to get better!

Monthly Favourites

Fave Beauty and/or Skincare Product: I recently rediscovered the gorgeous Ciate London Wonderwand Mascara. I’ve had it in my collection for a while and when I first bought it, I absolutely loved it. So I decided to crack it back out again and it’s honestly insane. It’s a very wet formula and the brush is very thick, so you definitely can’t apply this mascara in a hurry (you would get it e v e r y w h e r e..), but it gives your eyelashes so much volume and length!

Fave Song: Never Really Over by Katy Perry. One person I am absolutely dying to see live is Katy Perry. She’s just absolutely incredible and I always love her music – it’s modern, but still different and I love that!

Fave Food: Pizza. I’m having a thing with pizza right now (when am I not?!) and it’s all I can think about, all day every day..

Fave Restaurant: Flour & Ash. I had one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever had, here! Myself and Kieran went with two of our friend’s last weekend and it was so lush. I had a white base pizza (creme fraiche) with truffle fried mushrooms and melted parmesan cheese, which I shared with my friend, and bloody hell it was delicious!

Fave Purchase: I purchased this rug from La Redoute and isn’t it just so beautiful?! We love our one in the lounge and I’ve fancied popping one in our room too for a while now, so when I saw this one for £44!!! I could not resist. Very excited for it to come..

Fave TV Show: Love Island, of course!! It is so savage this year and, not gonna lie, I get a little bit stressed out watching it sometimes.. But I still love watching it and keeping up with them all. I love it!

Fave Film: Aladdin. I went to the cinema with two of my gal pals to watch this and I enjoyed it SO much more than I thought I would. The actors were amazing and I loved all the songs too.

Fave Event/Moment: Definitely my holiday to Menorca!

Fave Podcast: I’m loving my friend Lucy’s new podcast; By Creatives, For Creatives. It’s so so interesting and I genuinely love Lucy’s voice! I know that makes me sound weird.. Definitely give it a listen, it’s available on Spotify and Apple Music/Podcast’s!

Fave Item of Clothing: Another jumpsuit.. But this one this time! I’ve been wearing it with and without a t shirt underneath, depending on the weather!

Fave Blog Post Written: I keep plugging it, I know, but my favourite blog post to put together and write was definitely my Menorca Travel Diary!

New Discoveries

Instagram: Libby Adams, livelikelibby. Olivia and Alice, oliviaandalice_. Katy, therawrdrobe. Barney Gardner (cute puppy spam), barney_gardner. Gulin, coffeecupsandroses. Nina, nina.loncaric. Lucy, lucy_and_lentils. Lisa Prang, lisamarieprang. Kelly Hill, kellyyhill. Lizzie Tyte, lizzie_tyte.

Looking Forward To

Booking: A potential hotel stay for myself and Kieran, as July is his birthday month! I’m thinking maybe Brighton..

Planning: A trip to London to see my friend who recently moved there. I’m excited to see her flat and have a girl’s trip there with her!

Celebrating: Kieran’s birthday, of course!

Watching: The Love Island final at the end of the month.. I wonder who will win?! I’m definitely team Tolly (Tommy and Molly, obvs!).

Seeing: My friend’s new little baby girl! She was born the other day and I can’t even tell you how excited I am to meet her and just have lots and lots of girly days with her and her mum – eek! I can’t wait to photograph her either, so cute!

Buying: Kieran’s birthday presents. One of my favourite things is purchasing other people’s birthday gifts, I just love it!

Eating: Lots of yummy and home cooked meals. I cook every evening, from fresh, and I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve got Butternut Squash and Gnocchi Bake on the menu, along with a Creamy Tomato Chicken dish..

Monthly Summary

Instagram: 3,329. Guys, I don’t know what’s happened and I’m really trying not to get too excited about it, but I’ve gained nearly 100 followers in that last two or so weeks, since I’ve come back from my holiday!? Obviously I’m so happy about this because I literally have not gained in the past two years (wish I was joking..)!! Fingers crossed this continues. I don’t know what I’ve done differently – other than uploading consistently, I was posting twice a day every day on holiday, having a recognisable ‘theme’ and uploading more to Instagram stories – with more personal stuff/information too.

Blog Views: 500+. I ended up putting out four post’s in June, which equals one a week, and considering I was on holiday for two weeks, I don’t think that’s that bad.. I feel like I have a few post ideas now, so hopefully I can get the blogging ball rolling again!

BlogLovin’ Count: 603. One up from last month. Better than being one down, I suppose!

Blog Posts: 4. As I mentioned above, averaging at one a week but I know I can do better than that. I’m hoping to publish two per week and get back on a blogging schedule..

Twitter: 508. Does anyone else find it hard to be active on more than one social media platform at a time, alongside having a job?! I swear I’m literally the worst. I have a lot to say as well, I just forget to tweet it all!

Pinterest Views: 4.4k views. 251 engagement. Slowly creeping up, which is always a good sign. I try and remember to have a little pinning session every week because I definitely won’t remember to do this daily! I need to actually learn how to use Pinterest to it’s full potential though, as it can hugely increase your stats and show your content to a wider range of audience.

What did you love throughout June?xoxo

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