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Reviewing the Yes To Tomatoes Range

My thoughts on the Yes To Tomatoes/Charcoal range…

I was very kindly gifted a few items from Yes To, including the Blackheads Nose Kit*, Charcoal Mud Mask* and Charcoal Sleeping Mask*. Here are my thoughts..

Yes To Tomatoes 2-Step Nose Kit: Buh-Bye Clogged Pores! £4.99*

I think I was most excited to try this nose kit first, as I love how satisfying they are – peeling/drawing the blackheads out feels SO good! The step-by-step instructions on the back of the packet are super easy to follow, which is always helpful! You also get a brush (it essentially looks like a big cotton bud/old school eyeshadow brush!) to apply the first step, cleanser, to your skin, which I find a fab edition and much better than having to use your finger.

The cleanser felt really lovely to apply and it contained black beads to gently exfoliate. The consistency of the cleanser was very smooth and gel-like, which I really loved.

The second step, applying the actual nose strip, was pretty simple to be honest and it actually fit my nose – which I was quite surprised at, as normally ‘one size fits all’ masks, etc. never fit my face. So that was a massive plus! The nose strip was very sticky and stuck down to my skin really well, especially considering your nose is wet beforehand – due to having to rinse the cleanser off.

Removing the nose strip was beyond satisfying and didn’t hurt one bit! It did tug at your skin, but this is to be expected as there’s only one way to remove those pesky blackheads! My experience of using this 2-step nose kit is very positive – it removed quite a few of my blackheads and I thoroughly enjoyed using it. I’ll definitely be picking up another one of these for myself!

Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask £2.99*

Ok, so this charcoal mask is so so fun to use! I loved applying it – it’s very thick and very opaque; it’s dark grey in colour. The scent it gives off isn’t invasive or very strong at all, it’s fairly pleasant in my opinion! The mask dried down on my skin really well and gave that typical tight feeling that all masks do – I always love this feeling!

To wash this mask off was pretty easy, you didn’t have to spend much time faffing around with persistent patches stuck to your skin, so that was great! My skin felt so smooth as I was washing the mask off and you always know a mask has done it’s job properly when your skin feels that way. Immediately after, my skin still felt very smooth to the touch and it felt more hydrated too.

Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Sleeping Mask £2.99*

The fact that this is a sleeping mask really intrigued me. I had never tried one before, so this was my first experience! It’s light grey in colour and is super thick and hydrating to apply to your skin. I loved massaging this mask into my skin, it was rather therapeutic! This sleeping mask felt like a normal mask, just without that tightening feeling, so it was easy to forget that you even had a ‘mask’ on your face. Alongside the fact that it didn’t look like you had one on – it’s not a thick consistency with a very opaque colour, which is why it obviously works as a sleeping mask.

Once this mask had fully dried down, I did have small patches of grey on my skin, but I assume that’s just where I possibly didn’t massage it in properly. I woke up the next morning with a fresh pillow and even fresher skin – it was lush! It rinsed off with no problems and my skin has been looking very clear and smooth since using this. No complaints from me!

The Yes To Tomatoes and Charcoal range has a huge thumbs up from me and I look forward to trying more from each range! I think my favourite product would probably have to be the Nose Kit, as I just found it so incredibly satisfying and there’s no better feeling than satisfaction!

Have you ever tried the Yes To Tomatoes range? What are your thoughts?xoxo

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