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A Little Look Back on July

July is over, we’re now officially in the last month of Summer..

So, now is when it becomes really difficult for me, but I have the most exciting August ever and I can’t talk about – at least not until next month’s monthly post anyway..

I hate to be annoying, but all will be revealed at the very beginning of September in next month’s post!

July saw our hottest heatwave and boy was it stifling! I think everyone in the UK struggled to sleep for a couple of day’s.. But, enough of that, let’s get onto the good stuff.

Sharing The Love

Blog: Still catching up – I’m determined!!

Instagram: My favourite photo’s include the following;

Samantha, samanthavandepoll – How can I not mention the gorgeous Samantha?! Honestly, aside from her beautiful Instagram, she is a truly lovely and down to earth girl who I love chatting to! Samantha is currently travelling and my goodness, doesn’t it look fab?! She makes everything look fab! It was so so difficult choosing a fave photo, but I think it’s this one.

Laura Byrnes, lauraslittlelocket – I’m very much enjoying seeing Laura’s beautiful photos pop up on my feed right now! Isn’t she just beautiful?! I’m beyond obsessed with her style and fashion too. I love this super cute photo!

Alexis May, alexismaymcmullin – There’s so much colour of Alexis’ feed and I love it! Imagine having a feed this cute and cool?! Beyond obsessed, always. This is deffo my fave photo.

Twitter: I am soo here for this tweet. Anyone who watches Love Island will know. I have never been angered by someone else’s behaviour in all my life (probably a lie haha..) – I cannot stand people who lie and go back on what they’ve said! I think this tweet is important for everyone to read as well.

My Most Loved

Blog: My Nano Teeth Whitening Review is still my current most viewed post, which is great because I did work very hard on that post!

Instagram: So I genuinely have NO idea what happened with this photo, but I think it’s my most liked photo ever?! It got over 200 likes, which I know is nothing compared to others, but to me that is just crazy – so, thank you!

Twitter: I’ve been having a huuge YouTube catch up over the past couple of week’s and something that I’ve noticed, is that a lot of videos get thumbs down – clearly for no reason too. So I put out this tweet and it seems as if a few of you agree with my thought process too!

Monthly Favourites

Fave Beauty and/or Skincare Product: I rediscovered the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber & Green Tea and I forgot how good it smells and feels on the skin. It’s so refreshing, especially for this time of the year!

Fave Song: I have two.. If I Can’t Have you by Shawn Mendes and No Drama feat. Craig David. I’m loving both of these and I’ve always loved Craig David!

Fave Food: Maryland Cookies! I love them and they were on offer in Tesco last week – #winning.

Fave Restaurant: Zizzi’s. Their new Summer menu is lush and we celebrated Kieran’s birthday here – I highly recommend the Rainbow Gnocchi!

Fave Purchase: THE Zara blogger dress.. Oh yes, I caved and bought it!

Fave TV Show: Can I really say anything other than Love Island? Oh, and Stranger Things 3 too!

Fave Film: Book Club. I loved this and watched it with mum last weekend – so funny and so good!

Fave Event/Moment: My gorgeous friend Alice’s gig at Hayward’s Grasmere – that girl can sing! Her voice is so so beautiful. Also, our little weekend trip to London was so fun too!

Fave Podcast: I’m still loving By Creatives, For Creatives by the wonderful Lucy. It’s actually the only podcast I’m currently listening to!

Fave Item of Clothing: I bought some super comfy material (rather than denim or linen, etc.) shorts whilst I was in Menorca and, due to the heatwave the UK has been experiencing, I’ve literally been living in them. They’re so so soft and comfortable!

Fave Blog Post Written: I really enjoyed putting together my Yes To Review post. The photos were super fun to capture too!

New Discoveries

Instagram: Faye Johnston, laviedefaye (my lovely friend’s account was hacked, so please show her some love and follow her new account, she takes gorgeous images!). Gabby Gomez, giftofgabbyg. Ruby Keyvani, thatgemruby. Sara Evy Andersson, saraevyandersson. Georgia, loveinthefashlane. Camilla, camillamount. Cristina Samohvalov, cristinaastyles. Veronika,

Looking Forward To

Booking: A trip to the spa with Kieran! He very kindly gifted me a Tortworth Court Spa voucher for my birthday, so I’m hoping to get that booked in for this month.

Planning: A potential trip with Kieran, as I didn’t manage to do anything last month!

Celebrating: A couple of birthday’s at the beginning of the month!

Watching: The third series of Stranger Things, now that Love Island is over!

Seeing: The new Fast & Furious film – I know, I really do not look like your kinda gal that would enjoy those films, but I really do! I’ve also had to learn to because Kieran loves those types of films..

Buying: Hopefully nothing – I need to watch my pennies right now..

Eating: A yummy brunch with a couple of our friends, in Bristol!

Monthly Summary

Instagram: 3,365. Currently still gaining.. It’s slowed down a bit now, but I’m definitely not going to complain about that!

Blog Views: 900+! Yay, finally! Getting ever closer to that magic 1k.. If I can get my butt in gear and get my blogging mojo back, then things will hopefully start looking up!

BlogLovin’ Count: 604. It was 605, but apparently people are still unfollowing blogs! Again, I need to put in some more effort and hopefully I will see a steady increase again.

Blog Posts: 4. Currently averaging one a week, which I guess isn’t too bad and is better than nothing! But when two out of those four post’s are monthly ones, it’s not great really is it?! I’m hoping to get some inspiration this coming month and start posting on here more frequently and consistently.

Twitter: 508. Stayed the same, which is fine by me! I think I’m just going to have to accept that I’m not a Twitter person?

Pinterest Views: 3.8k views. 246 engagement. A smidge down from last month – Pinterest is another social platform I need to learn how to use better, as it really does make all the difference. I’m just quite lazy and find the whole thing complicated looking..

What did you love throughout July?xoxo

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