How To Travel The World Without Flying

Image by นิธิ วีระสันติ from Pixabay 

If you love traveling, want to see the world and got to as many different countries as you can but you don’t like flying, or you hate spending all your time in the airport, then do not worry, you can still see and do everything you want to do. There are many alternative ways you can get yourself around the world and actually, while they might be slower, some of these alternatives are far more fun than flying. If you’re traveling on a budget then it is often cheaper to fly, however, if you look carefully and choose the right method then you can save a substantial amount of money which you can spend on your trip instead!


Travel By Boat

If air is not your thing, then what about the sea? Traveling on a cruise ship is a fantastic way to see the world, but it is a luxury option, but there’s a reason for that. The journey is extremely comfortable and convenient; you will have all your restaurants and food onboard, you’ll probably have access to a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam bath, cafes, library, bar, club, gaming areas, a hospital, laundry, cleaning, ironing services and loads of entertainment. It’s not even like traveling as the whole experience is a holiday itself, so with the added bonus of taking you to new and exotic places to explore is amazing.  

Now a cruise can be expensive so it might not be for everyone, but you can get some great deals from the Bolsover Cruise Club, so it’s worth checking there before doing anything. For traveling to certain countries like Norway, Russia, Cuba, and Antarctica, they are best reached by ship. If you are looking for a cheaper option, then you can go by cargo ship. However, it will also be far more boring with no luxury entertainment. 


Rail Travel

One of the best, most trusted, reliable, and easy modes of transport to get to different countries, is the train. The train gives you breathtaking views and the opportunity to travel through fantastic scenery in your chosen country. Many countries have a vast network railway system, and there are many regional and international trains meaning that you can just about go anywhere. India is often considered as the best example of a country to travel by train as it has the fourth most extensive railway network in the world and you can even get trains to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, and Thailand.

Another well known and well-loved option is to travel around Europe and North America, which both have well-connected, advanced and modern train tracks across the continent. For example, Interrail and Eurorail are some of the most efficient ways for people to travel around Europe with excellent connections between cities and small towns across the continent. These companies also make it easy for travelers as they have a good rail map as on their websites, you can organize your itinerary. 


Travel By Road

There are loads of reasons to travel by bus or hire a camper van. With both, there is no need to arrive in advance for early check-in; they are cheap and do not require any planning or bookings. With a bus, they stop at so many places and give travelers the chance to stretch and breathe in some fresh air and if you’re driving then, of course, you can stop whenever you want to. Bus services extend all over the world both regionally and internationally, and buses. However, not all countries have an international bus service, but there are many agencies which offer this. You can also go on an intercity bus tour in Europe and travel across various cities of Europe with sufficient stopping to allow time to explore the town before heading to the next town. The entire trip is preplanned and fixed and is considered a cheaper and economical way to travel through the whole of Europe without needing to change transportation modes or deal with clearance and baggage carrying issues. They are safe and give an opportunity for travelers to meet people from different backgrounds and learn more from them. In your car or hiring or buying camper van you are in control, and you can travel through any local towns and villages you like, making a fantastic collection of memories and there is no need to squash against fellow travelers in trains and buses. 


You can mix all of these modes of transport to really get a fulfilling experience, go on a cruise ship to your destination, hire a car to explore and then jump on a train to get to the next place. It would make for a very exciting trip with no need ever to set foot in an airport.