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New In from Bramley

Manufactured in the British countryside, Bramley is a new brand I have been introduced too. So, let’s hear my thoughts..

I was recently contacted by the lovely Lucy at Bramley, to try a couple of their products from their new glass bottle range. These particular bottles are refillable and the pump is now 100% recyclable! Plastic waste is something I’m very conscious about, so I love being introduced to new non-plastic products and sharing them too!

The two items I was gifted were the Sleep Spray* and the Body Lotion*. Both are absolutely gorgeous and I have to say that I really do love the glass packaging. It definitely makes the product feel even more luxurious to use!

Let’s start off with the Body Lotion*, with Juniper, Sweet Orange and Bergamot essential oils, this pick is super nourishing on the skin and smells incredible. The lotion is quite thick, which I normally don’t like, however I don’t mind a slightly thicker lotion on occasion, especially when the product is as good as this one. It really does feel insanely hydrating when sinking into the skin and always leaves me feeling super soft and very nourished indeed!

The size of the bottle is great too, it’s huge! Maybe not travel friendly, but you could always decant into a travel sized bottle if needed anyway. A little bit really does go a long way, therefore I can see this body lotion lasting me ages – which is brilliant, especially for the price too. I have the 250ml glass bottle body lotion, which retails for £16. However, there are other size options available – including a travel friendly 50ml for £4!

Now let’s talk about the Sleep Spray*. I was definitely most excited about this offering, as I’ve been dying to try a sleep spray for as long as I can remember. I’m not the best sleeper in the world and I do find it difficult to drift off, stay asleep and then also wake up feeling refreshed. The Sleep Spray* is made with lavender, yarrow and chamomile essential oils. These three blend to ease the mind and induce a restful night’s sleep – sounds perfect right? Now, I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of lavender, but I’m happy to say that it is growing on me as I’m getting older.. I also really love it in this spray because it honestly does smell incredibly calming.

So, how do I now get on sleeping? Really really well. I definitely feel myself drift off quicker and more peacefully – I’ve been super stressed recently (and I will talk about this in a mammoth ‘catch up’ blog post soon) and my mind has been running in circles before bedtime and I can honestly say that this sleep spray has helped me a lot. I have also been waking up feeling way more refreshed than usual too – I am someone who wakes up tired e v e r y day and it’s honestly draining. So for this little product to help me feel less tired each morning, I owe everything to it!

The ritual of spritzing the spray each evening onto my pillow before bed is also really calming as well. It’s just another step in my night time routine (something I will share soon too) that really helps me to switch off and get myself ready for the land of nod.

Key Information

I really wanted to highlight and share with you all some key information about Bramley and their products. I feel like this is the easiest way to share everything. Quick key points are a lot simpler to digest..

  • Made in the British countryside
  • 100% recyclable packaging (there is now a glass bottle option too, which is what I am reviewing here!)
  • Bramley’s plastic bottles are bio-polymer – this means that sugarcane is used in the manufacturing process, instead of fossil fuels
  • NEVER tested on animals (Bramley are currently awaiting their Leaping Bunny accreditation)
  • Natural ingredients; including their fragrances (which come from the pure essential oils)
  • FREE from harmful or unethical ingredients (so no parabens, SLS, ALS, microbeads, petrochemicals, etc.)
  • Vegan friendly (again, awaiting their The Vegan Society accreditation
  • Bramley products both smell and feel amazing!

It’s definitely safe to say that Bramley is now a brand I am super intrigued by and will continue to purchase from. I absolutely love that their products are manufactured in the British countryside and their story of how they began is truly lovely – the Bramley range was actually created for the bathrooms at their first pub, The Beckford Arms, in Wiltshire. This was to enhance the guest’s stay and capture the essence of the beautiful countryside surrounding them. The first few guest’s of their’s loved the products so much, that they wanted to purchase some for themselves and this is where it all began!

A brand like Bramley really does deserved to be shouted about! The way they care for the environment and the animals is honestly so inspiring. You can tell how wonderful the people behind the brand are, by reading the key points above. I’m honoured to share two of their amazing products with you and also have them in my collection, which will hopefully just continue to grow!

Have you ever tried Bramley products?xoxo

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*Contains PR Gift for review. All views and opinions have not been influenced and are totally my own.