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6th September 2019

beauty, Review, Skincare

Shay & Blue White Peaches Fragrance

A dreamy white peach fragrance from Shay & Blue.. One of my all time favourite scents is peach. I love a sweet and fruity scent, that’s Summer-y but also light and fresh. I had only recently heard of Shay & Blue through my very good friend Alice. So when they got in touch with me to send me one of their fragrances, I was over the moon! I’m an absolute sucker for perfume, I have the biggest collection ever – everyone’s always commenting on it whenever they  ...

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Moving Into University Accommodation

This is the time of year that many people start university. Starting university is a nerve-wracking time for anyone. Even if you have been looking forward to it for a long time, to suddenly find yourself about to start your course is enough to make anybody nervous. There is so much you have to consider, and in many ways it is like being tested in a number of ways about how well you will approach adulthood. Of course, it’s important to remember that nobody’s actually testing you (not on  ...

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Interior, Tips

Your Living Room Is Supposed To Be The Hub Of The House! Here’s How To Ensure It Is!   Traditionally, the living room has always been the main room in any house. It’s where your little community will gather, and it’s where most of the interesting and entertaining stuff happens – most! You might have your favourite room(s) in the house, but the living room always tends to be the real centrepiece.  That said, you probably want to make sure that it stays as the centrepiece and the focal point. A lot of the overall judgement on a  ...

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