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22nd September 2019


Does Your Home Qualify For A Cash Splash?

Are you the type of person that nods along in conversations about home improvement? Most people think of home improvements as simply DIY projects like putting up some shelves or making a wall-mounted coat rack. Those kinds of additions are merely enhancements. Real Home improvement projects are actually more complex than you might think. The sorts of things that qualify for home improvement are things like building a garage, re-doing the driveway, building a brick wall in your front garden  ...

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New York Recommendations & Advice

Everywhere I loved in New York and would recommend! My New York Travel Diary post was a bit of a beast wasn’t it?! So I decided to split the original idea of one post, into two. This one is going to be all about the places we ate at and if I’d recommend them or not, the absolute must-do’s (in my personal opinion anyway) and any tips and advice that I have. I have only visited New York the once, so I’m not an expert, but I always feel it’s handy to gather lots  ...

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