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MABBOO Review; A Sustainable Lifestyle

How to live a more sustainable lifestyle with MABBOO..

I recently received the most generous package from MABBOO*, containing lots of their items in order to live a more sustainable lifestyle. I’m always eager to discover new sustainable/eco & environmentally friendly brands – there is never enough we can do for our world and environment. This is something that is super important to me. Plastic waste is a huge issue right now and it’s something we all need to work harder to avoid. MABBOO was born in 2008 and is actually the original bamboo brand, based out of Bristol. Bamboo is the most sustainable plant out there and possesses properties that can make clothing super soft. Bamboo is also able to make accessories in wooden form – as you can see from the products photographed above!

The products I received:

Firstly, I do have to say that all of these products are of such great quality. They feel amazing and I love how quirky they are. 

Bamboo Lunch Box, Light Blue* – £20.00

The lunch box is so cute, I love it! When I start working again, I’m going to take it with me to obviously pop my lunch and snacks in. It’s a great alternative to a plastic lunch box and I think it’s super stylish too. It’s a decent size as well and would easily fit in your bag to be carried with you.

Reusable Bamboo 500ml Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle* – £15.00

The lid on this drinking bottle means business! I actually struggle to unscrew it sometimes (I’m pretty weak though). This definitely feels me with confidence that it won’t spill/leak though and that is the number one thing with any drinking bottle really isn’t it?! It’s great at keeping my drink cool throughout the day and is the perfect size to be carried around with you. It also has a super helpful hook so that you can carry it with you.

Bamboo Toothbrush (Curved White Bristle* & Straight Brown Bristle*)* – £2.50

I recently took the Straight Brown Bristle option away with me to New York! It was much easier than taking away my electronic toothbrush and took up far less space in my wash bag. I loved using it as well and will definitely continue to use these bamboo options to travel with. I found the bamboo toothbrush very comfortable to use and I love this as an alternative to a plastic toothbrush.

Bamboo Cutlery Set* – £8.00

This little cutlery set is so cute! I’m obsessed. I do have to share that the knife isn’t the best in the world, but it also isn’t the worst either. I would personally say that this set is perfect to take away with you, on a picnic. However, they would also be a fab alternative to the nasty plastic cutlery used for BBQ’s!

Bamboo Straws* – £10.00

These bamboo straws are super cool and actually so sturdy! It’s hard to explain what they’re like, but they’re almost like wooden plastic (obviously minus the awful plastic!). So they feel strong and pretty unbreakable to be honest. I like that they’re green too – it really fits in with the environmental feel of the brand. You don’t get a funny taste when using these either – I have some metal straws and sometimes I can actually taste the metal a little bit. Whereas, I don’t get this with these bamboo straws!

Bamboo Organic Cotton Buds* – £3.00

Cotton buds are essentially, just cotton buds! But they’re pesky little things that really do contribute a great amount to plastic waste. So these bamboo organic ones are a really fantastic alternative. 

Have you ever tried MABBOO products?xoxo

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*Contains PR Gift for review on my Instagram only. I was not obliged to publish this blog post, however I wanted to because I love the products and this brand. All views and opinions have not been influenced and are totally my own.