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Let’s Talk About the Pill

Sharing my personal thoughts and experience of being on the pill…

Firstly, I want to start by sharing that I am taking the Microgynon Pill. I don’t know too much about it, other than the obvious of course, but it’s also one of the smallest pills. This means I can actually take it without throwing up everywhere (yay to having a fear of swallowing tablets..).

I feel like there’s been quite a lot of negativity surrounding the pill recently – especially within the last few years. Around 9 years ago I started taking the pill. Right from the get go it was pretty plain sailing, never having any issues. So I wanted to share my experience and just have a bit of a casual chat about it.

I don’t know if it’s just one of those things where the negative is speaking louder than the positive. (As in, we never hear good news on the TV, only bad!) I’m not really sure. I’m also not here to tell anyone that their experience and personal opinion is wrong either, as everyone reacts differently to all kinds of medication, etc. I guess I just look at things a bit differently maybe?

My migraines and headaches are caused because of tension carried in my neck and shoulders. Sometimes it may be dehydration/being hot and bothered, or just over tired. I used to get them a lot, but that was because I was eating a food that my body did not like and it was causing me to have the migraines.

I have never really been one to put on or lose weight either, again I’m quite ‘lucky’ here. However if I do, it’s because I’m either eating too much bad food and not exercising or I’m eating really well/not eating much at all and then also exercising lots.

My mood swings can be horrendous too, but they always have been and were way worse before I got put on the pill. I feel like the pill actually gave me a bit of balance that I needed and calmed me right down.

Spots are something that haven’t been much of an issue for me either. Don’t get me wrong, my forehead was covered in little pimples whilst at school. Also, before and after my period now, the good old ‘period’ chin spots always arrive for a little unwanted vacation on my face. However, apart from that, my skin is pretty good.

I’ve suffered with severe anxiety and mild depression in the past, but luckily I managed to regain control of that myself. By coming to terms with a certain situation that arose, which I had no control over. Once that situation calmed down, so did my mental health. I also had CBT, which I personally didn’t think had worked for me, but maybe it did, who knows!

For some people who take the pill, the above points are common issues that can be heightened. So I just wanted to share my side and personal experiences. Making things a bit more of a level playing field and share that in some cases, it’s not always the pill causing these issues.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is, I haven’t let negative information about the pill change my mind for me. I’ve simply carried on as usual and changed other things within my lifestyle that may have been a small issue. Other people’s experiences can be scary and hearing about them makes it harder to start taking the pill with an open mind. You have to do what’s best for you at the end of the day and if it works for you, then great. However if it doesn’t, then that’s also fine too! The poor pill just needed a little bit of positive recognition. It works wonderfully for me and I can’t see myself coming off of it anytime soon.

I used to be a savage before going on the pill – I’d legit turn into a monster whilst on my period, it was awful. I didn’t have control of my emotions or hormones either and it was just really tough. As soon as I went on the pill, that all disappeared and I was actually nicer whilst I was on – weird, I know! It’s just worked for me and I have no complaints.

So I know this had been a super ramble-y post, but this is for anyone out there who’s maybe a bit scared to go on the pill or, you might be like me and have no issues but you still worry because of all of the negativity! I’m a firm believer of trying everything and if doesn’t work for you, then that’s ok and try the next thing!

What are your thoughts on the Pill?xoxo

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