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My Post-Shower Skin & Hair Care Routine

The things I like to do post-shower, to care for my skin and hair!

I’m not really a skincare routine kinda girl, I’m just too lazy and would much rather be doing something else. That being said, whenever I wash my hair (every 3, sometimes 4 days) I always make sure that I don’t forget about my skin.

In the Shower..

I recently shared my in-shower hair washing routine, so I won’t go over that again, but I always shampoo my hair twice (sometimes the second wash is with a purple shampoo). Then I thoroughly condition the ends of my hair and gently sweep my fingers through my whole head, before rinsing. It’s as simple as that!

Before doing all of this though, I generously apply the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser to my face, giving myself a little mini face massage. I then grab my Magnitone BareFaced 2 Cleansing Brush* and thoroughly cleanse my skin! I love this little ritual and really should do it more often, but I’m just super forgetful. Finally, I finish my shower off by lathering my skin in a dreamy BubbleT shower gel (currently loving the Ice Tea range*! Full review coming soon..). I then smell super dreamy, Summer-y and fresh and can get myself ready for the day!

Out of the Shower..

Now this is where my post-shower routine comes into play. Sometimes I switch the products around, but most of the time I like to stick to the same products. At least until they run out!  

First things first, I pop on my Dr Botanicals Cocoa & Coconut Superfood Hydrating Reviving Face Mask* for 10 minutes. A full mini review of this little baby is on my Instagram, but it’s unlike any other mask I’ve used before. It comes out of the tube white, but really sinks into your skin as soon as it gets into contact with it. Meaning you really can’t notice it on your skin at all! It also smells incredible and my skin feels SO hydrated during and after using this mask.

Whilst the mask is doing its thing, I tend to apply my deodorant and get myself changed. I’ll also tidy up the bathroom and usually end up making the bed too (I hate making the bed..).

Once 10 minutes have passed, I simply rinse off the mask and dab my face dry. Instantly my skin feels so silky soft and hydrated, ready for me to quickly spritz my face with the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber & Green Tea. I love this spray as a quick refresh in the morning, it really wakes you up and makes you feel more alive. Obviously it smells amazing too!

I honestly swear by the NYK1 Lash Force Eyelash Growth Serum*. My eyelashes have never looked better! I was always lusting after long lashes and wondering how on earth I’d grow them, when this landed on my doorstep. I’m always a little skeptical when it comes to eyelash serum’s, but the NYK1 offering has worked wonders for me. Now when I wear mascara, I will get asked if I’m wearing false eyelashes – how crazy is that?! So I try and remember to apply this every morning and evening, if I can. Mine’s running low though and it’s currently got 50% off, so I’m tempted to repurchase this myself as I can’t be without it!

Just a quick little routine with a few skincare items, nothing crazy or groundbreaking. Just quick and simple, just the way I like it. Plus, it does the job for me!

Onto the Hair..

Enough about my skincare, let’s move on to what I do with my hair post-shower. I roughly towel dry my hair and then gently brush it into its middle parting by using my Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler Brush*.

I then spritz mainly the ends of my hair with the Moroccan Oil Protect & Prevent Spray from the Complete Your Color Set*. I do also lightly spray this all over my hair too, but only a fine mist. This smells so lovely and I don’t want the day to come when this runs out, I love it! I feel like it’s definitely keeping my hair in a really nice condition, as before it would look quite scraggly on the ends.

Finally, the last step! The Mark Hill Amplifying Lotion, which is specifically designed to add volume to your hair from the roots. I must say, that I haven’t kept a super close eye on the volume of my hair. However, that being said, I do feel like it doesn’t look anywhere near as flat as it used to, when I would wear my hair down. So I would say that this is working?! I’m planning on continuing to use it anyway, even if it is just a part of my hair routine now! I squeeze quite a few pumps of this onto the roots of my hair, pumping the most onto my crown where my hair is the most ‘flat’. Then I massage the serum into my hair/roots and let it work its magic.

I always leave my hair to naturally air-dry, so there’s no need for blow drying or any heat protectant sprays. My hair takes around an hour max to fully dry, as my hair is naturally quite thin (hence the Amplifying Lotion!).

Aaand that is my quick and simple post-shower routine! It only takes me around 15 minutes to complete and I always feel throughly refreshed afterwards.

What does your post-shower routine look like?xoxo

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