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Styling My New Shelves with Desenio

Styling up my new shelves with Desenio…

As soon as we started renting our little house, I knew I wanted some shelving placed just above the telly. That particular wall just goes on forever (all the way to the upstairs!) and I felt like it needed something, just to break it up a little bit. 

We bought some shelves from IKEA for around £8 each and, I can’t seem to find them online, but they’re the style with the enclosed edge. Which means it’s easier for me to lean prints on them at different heights, without worrying about them sliding off.

Anyway, enough about the shelves, let’s get on to the good stuff – the prints!

Desenio has always been the first place I look for prints. They have SO many on offer and the prices are just amazing. So when the opportunity arose to collaborate, of course I jumped at the chance – a pinch me moment, for sure!

I kind of had an idea in mind of roughly what I wanted, before beginning my search of the perfect prints. I knew I wanted one massive print and the Simple Lines No1 Poster* fit the bill perfectly. The 50×70 size is exactly what I envisioned and I simply adore the neutral tones. I chose the White Picture Frame* as I personally think this compliments the print a lot better and I also didn’t want the frame to detract any attention away from the print itself.

The Prada, Poster* has been on my wish list for the longest time! So of course I added it to my basket first, along with the Black Picture Frame*, which matches the black text beautifully. I don’t know what it is about this print that drew me in the most, but I just love it. I’m so happy to finally have it! I love where it’s placed on the shelf too, on the far right edge, above my gorgeous Dracaena Marginata and also close to my black and copper standing light. It just fits in lovely and pulls that whole corner together.

I always knew that I wanted to add a couple of food prints, even though we’re not in the kitchen, just because I absolutely love food. The room just wouldn’t feel like me if there was no food in sight! I really liked the fun prints that Desenio had on offer, including the Candy Cactus Poster. However, I also loved the Candy Cone Poster* and it was important to me that Kieran was included on the decision making, as it is our lounge and space after all. He chose this one (mainly because he loves popcorn..) and we absolutely love it! It’s just something fun and a bit different and I think it really reflects our personalities. Again, I opted for the White Picture Frame* because the print speaks for itself and it would have been too busy to have any other frame apart from the white one.

Ok, so I have a bit of a thing with watermelons and I don’t know why? Cos I don’t even like the taste of them! It’s random, I know, but I think it’s because they just remind me of being on holiday. There’s no denying that this Watermelon Poster* is really cool as well and I wanted a small pop of colour, specifically green, to tie in all the greenery within the room. The Black Picture Frame* adds that little extra pop and also ties in nicely with the Prada print.

These shelves are still very much a work in progress and I’m sure I will continue shuffling these prints around, especially as the shelf isn’t full yet. I already have my eye on some other Desenio prints.. So once both of the shelf’s are fully complete, I will come back with an update! I’m enjoying posting the odd interior update and I definitely want to post more, especially when we add new items to our home. Next on our list are a set of bedside tables and a new dining table, so watch this space..

My code “CHARSLITTLEBLOG” gives 25% off prints* on all Desenio sites until midnight 3rd October. Follow @desenio for more inspiration! *Except for frames and handpicked/personalised prints

Which is your favourite print? Have you ever purchased one of Desenio’s gorgeous prints?xoxo

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