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A Little Look Back on October

Ok, so I definitely blinked and completely missed October!?

October officially saw me start my new full time job, so the past month has been crazy busy and guess who’s (yet again..) behind on all things blogging?!

I feel like as soon as Halloween rolled around, it was over in a blink too. I was desperate to decorate my house all Halloween-y but I definitely ran out of time for that! So, let’s see everything that happened in October.

Sharing The Love

Blog: I think I will be catching up until well into December to be honest..

Instagram: My favourite photo’s include the following;

  • Gemma Ellis, gemellisx – I know I mention Gemma a lot, but I’m genuinely in awe of her photographic talent and always look forward to every post she publishes to her feed. Isn’t her Halloween staircase just so dreamy?! I’m always gathering home inspo from Gem!
  • India Moon, indiaamoon – The Autumnal tones in this photo are gorgeous! I adore this outfit and think that India is one of the prettiest girls ever, I love her fashion sense and she’s so down to earth. Love her account.
  • Steph, stephmylife – I love Steph’s travel account and enjoy watching all of her stories! Her and Tim’s relationship seems so lovely too and I love the cute photos they snap together whilst off enjoying the world.

Twitter: I love that this Tik Tok video was shared via Twitter, it’s absolute class!

My Most Loved

Blog: Everyone enjoys reading a little life update, I know I do, so I’m pleased that mine went down well. I think I’ll start writing more of them in the future.

Instagram: The picture to go alongside my life update post was my most liked photo in October!

Twitter: Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a positive quote, but when they’re shared constantly I just find it a little bit irritating.. Seems as if other people share the same opinion as me, which makes me feel better!

Monthly Favourites

Fave Beauty and/or Skincare Product: Without a doubt my new Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil*. I will be reviewing this in full soon, but oh my goodness it smells beyond incredible. My skin looks amazing and I thoroughly enjoying using this each evening.

Fave Song: Harleys in Hawaii, Katy Perry. I always love Katy Perry’s music and would love to see her in concert one day! I love listening to this song (on repeat..).

Fave Food: I made myself some banana cinnamon muffins recently and they’re delicious! I need to make them again this week.

Fave Restaurant: Prezzo. We have one in my local time and I always have a great meal each time I visit.

Fave Purchase: My new ombré sequin skirt, ready for my work Christmas party!

Fave TV Show: I’m still only looking forward to watching Strictly Come Dancing at the moment. The best way to spend a Saturday night, in my opinion!

Fave Film: Hotel Mumbai. An intense and sometimes difficult watch, but still a good film.

Fave Event/Moment: Well, looks like I did nothing this month apart from work – so that’s great!

Fave Book: Currently reading The House on Willow Street by Cathy Kelly. I am enjoying it, but I’m unsure how it’s going to end and I only have a couple chapters left..

Fave Item of Clothing: My fairly new boots from New Look. I’m obsessed with wearing these and they’re so comfy too!

Fave Blog Post Written: My collaboration post with Desenio. I really enjoyed sharing all of the gorgeous prints on my new shelves and was really happy with how the photos turned out too!

New Discoveries

Instagram: Bram & Manon, flipflopwanderers. Only one new follow this month, but it’s a good one! I love travel content. I haven’t been very active on Instagram this month!

Looking Forward To

Booking: A Christmas getaway at the end of the month for December (obviously). Hopefully we’ll have enough money to do this!

Planning: Some Christmas content for my blog and personal life!

Celebrating: Firework/bonfire night – I adore fireworks, they’re so pretty!

Watching: Fireworks, of course. Oh, and also Christmas slowly unfolding around every corner – yay!

Seeing: All the Christmas lights get switched on and everything become just that little bit prettier. Especially with this dreary weather.

Buying: Christmas presents for my family – I always love to shop for Christmas gifts and like to get as ahead as possible.

Eating: All the hearty and warming food as the weather starts to get colder and colder.. Also, pumpkin soup! Which is delicious by the way.

Monthly Summary

Instagram: 3,326. The decline is happening people, knew it would! I haven’t been active due to having a full time job again, however I’m hoping to get back on top of things again as soon as possible.

Blog Views: 750+. Not bad considering I ended the month with zero posts!

BlogLovin’ Count: 657. Wow, I’m so so happy that people are still wanting to follow along with my blogging journey. Nothing makes me happier! I definitely prefer watching this number get higher, rather than Instagram.

Blog Posts: 6. I started off with a really lovely schedule and then that quickly diminished! It’s really quite hard to blog alongside a full time job, I salute all those that keep up with it whilst working.

Twitter: 503. Always forgetting to tweet! Keeping up my blog and Instagram is enough for me to concentrate on!

Pinterest Views: 3.4k views, 101 engagement. Same as above, I don’t want to spread myself too thin so I try and make my blog my main priority.

What did you love throughout October?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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