Tips for Moving In With Your Partner

Is there anything that’s as exciting and as scary as moving in with your partner? If you’ve only ever lived with your immediate family and then housemates, then it’s understandable that you view it as a pretty big step. It’s one of those where, ultimately, you need to take a leap of faith; you have to hope that it works out. However, there are things you can do that will help to increase the chances of it being a success. It’s not as if you need to go into the process completely blind. Below, we take a look at a few tips that will hopefully ensure the move helps your relationship to flourish. 

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Make Sure You’re Ready

You’ll be helping yourself immeasurably if you ensure that you’re really ready for the move before doing it! If you rush into living together, then there is, of course, the chance that everything will work out, but it really is a gamble — and it’s more likely to end in failure than success. The decision should be made rationally, and convenience should not be the deciding factor. If you decided to move in together because you were thinking about the savings you’ll make on rent, then you’ll likely run into troubles. 


Reduce Your Possessions

When you’re moving in together, be it into one of your existing homes or a new space, you’ll find that you’re left with a lot of excess stuff. You will both have a lot of possessions, but there won’t be room for all of them in the home. You’ve got enough items for two lives, when you’re trying to create one, shared life. So look at reducing your possessions prior to moving in. For the stuff you want to keep but don’t have space for, look at getting self-storage via For the things you no longer want or need, you can sell, and raise some funds that can be used on making the new home your own.


It’s Both Your Home

Moving in with your partner can be fun, but it’s also a compromise. If you’ve been living alone before now, then you’ll need to learn the art of sharing a space. You can’t have everything your own way — there’ll be equal say when it comes to the decor and vibe of the home. This is easier to manage if you’re moving into a new space, a little more difficult if you’re moving into one of your existing homes. Work hard to see the property as a shared space, rather than one person’s home in which the other also lives. Creating individual spaces will help with this (and also give some much needed space from one another — things are difficult when you’re living on top of each other). 


Give it Time

Finally, be prepared to give it time! No matter how solid your relationship is, there will be tough times, and you’ll need to adjust. Don’t freak out, you’ll find the new groove soon enough.