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A Little Look Back on November

Did anyone else feel as if we clicked and November was over?!

I honestly can’t believe that my all time favourite month of the year is now finally upon us. I feel like I’ve been waiting all year for December!!

It’s time to put my festive socks on and get all Christmas-sy! We’ve got our outdoor lights up, two Christmas tree’s have flourished and we’re slowly but surely making the house a whole lot more festive each day. I’m about to order some Christmas bedding too!

But for now, let’s discuss all that was November..

Sharing The Love

Blog: A favourite blog post read in November was;

  • Let’s Talk… Cervical Screenings, Colposcopies & More. by Kate La Vie – What an important post Kate shared back in August (I know, I’m still so far behind…). I really do think it’s amazing that more and more women are sharing their cervical stories and sharing awareness for really how important it is to attend your cervical screening appointments.

Instagram: My favourite photo’s include the following;

  • India Moon, indiaamoon – I know I mentioned India last month, but I just really wanted to share how much I am absolutely loving India’s little IGTV videos! I adore her fashion sense and thoroughly enjoy watching her mini videos on IG. Definitely give them a watch if you haven’t already!
  • Corrie, dizzybrunette3 – I can’t even express my feelings towards snow, I just bloody love it and crave it so much! I’ve never had a snowy holiday before, but I desperately want one. Especially after seeing Corrie’s beautiful snaps of Canada..

Twitter: Absolutely loved this tweet from Al, can totally relate to it as well!


My Most Loved

Blog: The Nano Teeth Whitening Review is back! Obviously I would prefer a more recent post to be popular, but at least it’s something right!?

Instagram: Everyone loves a good interior snap don’t they! I know I do! I received some gorgeous prints to add to my growing collection and shared a photo over on Instagram, alongside a blog post featuring them too.

Monthly Favourites

Fave Beauty and/or Skincare Product: I was very kindly sent the new Dr Botanicals Hemp Infused Natural Moisturiser* and I’m loving it so far. It is honestly super hydrating, so it’s perfect for those looking to add more moisture and hydration to their skin! It’s also supposed to be a good one for redness and also acne, so I’m planning on getting my cousin to try this out for a bit to see if it helps her skin.

Fave Song: Last Christmas by Wham! (or Ariana Grande’s version – looove!). Oh yes, the festive season officially started for me mid-November, when Heart Extra Christmas arrived on our radio stations. It’s always the best time of the year isn’t it!?

Fave Food: I’ve really been enjoying the new Weetabix On The Go (recently did a paid ad with them on Instagram, this is not part of that). They’re perfect for me and my early morning’s and they taste great!

Fave Restaurant: Bill’s. I went here for a girly lunch recently and had the Pigs in Blankets Mac n Cheese.. Oh my goodness it was delicious and you all need to try it! It even comes with cranberry sauce..

Fave Purchase: Hands down my Christmas decorations!! We got outdoor lights, indoor lights, Christmas tree decorations – the works. All I need now is some Christmas-sy bedding to finish it all off..

Fave TV Show: I’m A Celeb of course – what else!?

Fave Film: Genuinely struggling to think of a film I watched in November.. I’ll come back to you in December when I’ll have to pick my fave Christmas film..

Fave Podcast: Sh**ged Married Annoyed with Chris & Rosie. My friend actually told me about Chris’ podcast – I’m absolutely loving him on Strictly! I’ve listened to the first episode and love it already, how funny are they both?! I can see myself getting hooked..

Fave Book: I finished my last book, which ended how I wanted it to but I definitely wanted more from the ending as well – if that makes sense!? I’ve now started a Christmas-sy one (of course..) called With Love at Christmas by Carole Matthews. The cover is gorgeous and so far it’s good.

Fave Item of Clothing: Not gonna lie, I am loving my warm and cosy Christmas pjs right now. I started wearing them at the beginning of November (gotta get the wear out of them..) and I don’t want to stop wearing them come January!

Fave Blog Post Written: I love popping together interior post’s – I need to start creating more of them! This one featuring some new gifted prints was my fave to put together.

New Discoveries

Instagram: Sarah Mantelin, sarahmantelin. Gary The Cat, greatgramsofgary (I’M OBSESSED! So cute!). Jessica, gill_jessica. Alex Serruys, alexincolour.

Looking Forward To

Booking: up the calendar! I want Christmas movie nights, Christmas market shopping day’s, Christmas shopping day’s, meal’s out – I want it all!

Planning: All the festive content and all the festive activities of course!?

Celebrating: CHRIIIIISTMAAAAAS!!!! Can you tell December is my favourite month of the year?!

Watching: The TV finals of I’m A Celeb and Strictly Come Dancing and also the New Year’s Eve London fireworks (on the telly..)

Seeing: Christmas evolving all around – all the pretty lights, Christmas trees, etc. We always have a little Christmas road trip around our local area to see all of the insane houses with their pretty light displays!

Buying: Everyone’s Christmas presents.. This is a very Christmas orientated ‘looking forward to’ isn’t it.. But I love it, so I don’t care! I also love Christmas gifting and wrapping them all up.

Eating: The Christmas chocolate tubs – Heroes, Quality Street, Celebrations! Also Christmas dinner as well..

Monthly Summary

Instagram: 3,313. Oh dear..

Blog Views: 450+. Definitely a huge dip because of my lack of posting. Hopefully I’ll be back and more consistent very soon..

BlogLovin’ Count: 662. A huge spike (for me anyway) this month, yay! Thank you and hello to all the lovely new faces around here, I hope you enjoy yourselves 🙂

Blog Posts: 3. This explains the dip in views, obvs! My motto at the moment is quality over quantity..

Twitter: 503. Luckily I’m not dipping too much on this platform, it seems people are kinder with their unfollow button on here!!

Pinterest Views: 3.3k views. Can’t seem to find my engagement, but my views have gone up! Which is great considering I have paid no attention to the app for god knows how long.. Oops!

What did you love throughout November?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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