Christmas Flowers from Monsoon

How gorgeously festive and Winter-y is this bouquet from Monsoon Flowers?!

I honestly feel like my home is not complete without a bunch (or two!) of flowers sitting perfectly placed on the side. I am a tiny bit late with posting my review of the stunning Classic Valentine* arrangement from Monsoon Flowers. The bouquet is now down to £40, so if you fancy keeping the festive cheer in your house just a little bit longer and forget that January has arrived, then now is the perfect time to purchase this bouquet for yourself!

The bouquet came packaged as you would expect any home delivered flowers to be; in a tall box, well supported with breathing space! As always, delivery and packaging is spot on.

I would say that this festive bouquet lasted around two weeks, at the most. I’m never disappointed with how long flowers last, as they are alive and do have to die at some point and this will differ from house to house. Depending on the temperature of your home and how you personally look after your flowers. So some people will get less life out of flowers and others will have them blooming for weeks! So again, I am happy with how long this bunch lasted in my home.

It’s all about the flowers…

The arrangement contains;

  • Rhodos Roses
  • Gypsophila
  • Eucalyptus
  • Palm Leaf

I adore the addition of Palm Leaf within this bouquet, it almost gives a slight nod to Summer – a very subtle one. It just takes the whole arrangement to a different ‘wow’ level, if you know what I mean. Without the palm leaf, this bouquet would just be completely different. All four of these flowers compliment each other perfectly. The red roses contrast wonderfully with the white gypsophila, whilst both the greenery of the eucalyptus and palm leaf add that lovely texture. A perfectly designed and put together bouquet!

After my first experience with Monsoon Flowers by Haute, I have to share that I’m very much impressed. Monsoon is known as a luxury clothing brand and this has definitely followed through into their flower arrangements. Just by scrolling through their choice of flowers, you can see how luxurious each bouquet is!

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*Contains PR Gift for the sole purpose of review. All views and opinions have not been influenced and are totally my own.