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Goals, Goals, Goals…

So, let’s see how last year’s goals went and set some new ones for 2020 shall we!?

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, however you spent it. Firstly, thank you to each and everyone of you that has stuck around and continued following along with my blogging journey. It’s nice to know that I’m not always just chatting to myself! Your support means the world and I really do enjoy doing what I’m doing, so thank you.

How was 2019?

I set myself a fair few goals for 2019 and, looking back, it was definitely too many to complete. I set myself up for failure I think! That being said, I did actually tick quite a few off…

I got myself a new job. In fact, I’ve had two this year! I posted a whole update back at the beginning of October. I expressed how nervous and upset I felt, however I needn’t have worried because I’m now so much more confident. Being made redundant was kind of a blessing in disguise to be honest. I feel like such a different person to back then!

Myself and Kieran moved out of my family home at the end of February. So it’s now coming up to nearly a year that we’ve lived in our own space and we have loved every minute. I feel like I settled in so quickly and I love our little home that we’ve made our own. We are still renting, but hope to buy as soon as we can afford it.

I’ve continued creating YouTube videos, especially in the form of vlogs. I love putting together vlogs of my trips away and you can catch up on them all here. I hope to continue with the vlogs and if I’m not too busy, I’d love to do more sit down style videos too.

I’ve also continued blogging, however I have not reached 1,000 blog followers. I definitely haven’t posted anywhere near as much on my blog as I would have liked to. However, life does like to get in the way! I may not have reached my goal of 1,000 followers, but I still have increased my following size.

I did actually finally manage to grow my Instagram account from 3.2k to 3.3k whilst I was on holiday in Menorca. However, the lack of posting recently has completely turned this around. I’m not too worried about Instagram if I’m totally honest, my main focus this year is my blog.

Socialising more was big on my agenda for 2019 and I kind of accomplished it.. I’m still not a social butterfly, but I’ve tried to make more time for my friends and events involving leaving the house!

My aim was to visit at least new country or place and I did! New York was incredible and I still can’t believe that I’ve finally been?! I really want to travel more and visit at least one new place a year.

Ah, sadly I didn’t get to meet Faye and Megan this year and now Faye lives in New York! We still chat and get on so well and hopefully I’ll make it down to Brighton this year to meet Meg.

I needed to wear my clothes and accessories more throughout this year, as I own so many. So I either need to wear them more, or just get rid of them! I must admit that I totally forgot about this goal and therefore didn’t really achieve it. However, I have been through my wardrobe quite a few times this year and have tried to be as ruthless as possible. Now to list it all and sell it..

Setting myself up for 2020!

Let’s not get too carried away with setting myself too many goals for the new year.. I feel like I’m going into this year very unorganised and not really having a clue what’s going to happen. So everything that does happen this year will be a surprise for me too!

A few goals for 2020;

  • Use Twitter and Pinterest more!
  • Make a bit more of a clearer decision as to what I would like to do with my working life
  • Take one big trip to America, or a few smaller weekend’s away visiting new countries and places
  • Make more of a conscious effort to save more money
  • Stick to more of a consistent blogging schedule
  • Continue to push my photography work
  • Try and hit 1,000 BlogLovin’ followers
  • Actually use my diaries daily! Including my Getting Stuff Done* planner from CGD London

What goals have you set yourself for 2020?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

*Contains PR Gifted Product (to feature on my social channels)