Making the Most of a Weekend in York

York is one of the best cities in England for a weekend away. It’s rich with history, and walking down its medieval cobbled streets is a world away from wandering around other, modern cities. If you are looking for a thoroughly British weekend away, it’s got to be York with its quaint tearooms, vintage independent stores, small cobbled treats, old fashioned pubs, and gothic architecture; there’s always plenty to do. 


But, this historic indulgence certainly doesn’t mean that York is a city that is behind the times. As well as all of those delightfully historic touches, York has all of the large, modern stores that you would expect from a large town, some of the best restaurants in the country, as well as mouthwateringly good street food. 


The only problem with a weekend in York is that there is just too much to do. There are countless museums, parks, and other attractions, you’ll want to eat in hundreds of different places and you’ll long to shop in all of the pretty little boutiques. You could easily take months to explore all that York has to offer. But, if you’ve only got a weekend, here are some ways to make the most of it. 

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Arrange Convenient Transport

Few people drive in York City centre. The abundance of small streets, where cars aren’t allowed, makes things difficult. If you plan to drive to York, you are better off leaving your car at the hotel and commuting into town. Alternatively, the train station has excellent links to the rest of the country, and the city itself is small enough to walk between attractions comfortably. 


Plan Your Time

You could quite easily waste time in York trying to decide what to do. Instead, read up on fun things to do in York before your trip and decide what you would like to do. Try to find a hotel close to all of the attractions that you’d like to visit to maximize your time, or buy a public transport pass to get around efficiently. You might be able to save money and avoid queues by booking tickets online, and you can always save anything that you don’t get a chance to see for your next trip. 

Just remember to leave yourself time to eat and rest!


Use the Whole Day

If you’ve only got a weekend, you’ll want to do as much with it as you can. Instead of getting breakfast in your hotel, go out and find a cute tearoom serving traditional breakfasts. Then, plan in plenty of rest and coffee shops throughout the day so that you can fit in as much as possible. Spend the evening resting in a classic pub with a comfy log fire. 


Ask for Recommendations

Chances are, you know, plenty of people that have enjoyed a trip to York. As well as reading guides online, ask your friends and family for their recommendations. They know you, they know what you might enjoy, and they might have some handy practical tips on fitting more into your day.