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An Evening at COSMO, Authentic World Kitchen

An evening at COSMO, Authentic World Kitchen…

I know a lot of people aren’t necessarily a fan of the whole ‘buffet’ dining experience, but I love all the choice on offer. For someone like me who’s indecisive with food and wants it ALL, somewhere like COSMO is the ultimate foodie dream.

It almost feels like you’re away on holiday in an all-inclusive hotel. Again, I know a lot of people don’t like all-inclusive hotels for this reason, but the endless choice and quantity of plates you can have is seriously underrated.

If you have a COSMO restaurant near you (list of UK destinations here), then I highly recommend visiting if you haven’t done so already!

Location, Location, Location…

The Bristol branch we visited is located on the triangle in Clifton. I absolutely love where COSMO is situated, it’s almost out of the way but also in the hustle and bustle (if that’s even possible!). Whilst dining, you definitely don’t feel like you’re in the centre of Bristol. However, it’s also the perfect people watching spot.. I really hope I’m making sense here!

As the Bristol branch is situated in Clifton, there are plenty of bars nearby that you can pop round to after dinner! It really is in a great location.

Let’s Talk Interiors…

The reason for our visit was not only to taste the great food, but to see the recent refurb. I think modern elegance hits the nail exactly on the head. It definitely feels more luxurious than when I’ve previously visited and they have these super quirky orange lights – which I absolutely loved!

All About The Food!

Let’s get onto the most important part shall we?! COSMO pride themselves on the quality of their food and considering the variety of dishes they have on offer, it’s seriously impressive. I can be a rather fussy eater, so you can guarantee that I will be the first person to say if the quality of the food somewhere isn’t great (not to the restaurant obviously, I just sit there quietly like everyone else feeling guilty…).

We started off at the sushi bar and, considering I don’t usually opt for sushi and like it, I enjoyed the selection we had. I don’t really eat fish, so I had the veggie sushi instead. Kieran then had his all time favourite – duck pancakes. I’ve just asked him his thoughts and he said ‘decent! Crispy!’. So in usual terms, he really enjoyed them and was very impressed! Whilst Kieran was thoroughly enjoying his duck pancakes, I opted for the spring rolls. I can confirm they were equally as delicious and I definitely went up for more…

After our starters, Kieran had a plateful of Chinese and was introduced to Three Cup Chicken (which he is now obsessed with and apparently I have to try my hand at cooking it...). The noodles were also pretty damn tasty! I decided to go for the Indian Korma Curry with rice and naan bread – it was soo good! The korma sauce was really yummy. We also shared a couple of typical ‘English’ dishes; including a super cute mini cheeseburger!

I made sure to have slightly smaller main meal plates, so that I could try a selection of the desserts COSMO had to offer. As soon as I laid eyes upon the chocolate fountain, I knew I needed to save some room! The chocolate covered marshmallows were so YUM. They also had these little vanilla cakes, almost like vanilla swiss roll, and I loved them too. I had to try out the mini doughnuts and profiteroles as well… All the sweet stuff was great and I’ve got such a sweet tooth!

My Final Thoughts…

Great location, great food, fab decor! The perfect place for a quick (by quick I mean no waiting around for your food to arrive at your table, perfect if you’re hangry all the time, like me!), inexpensive meal that doesn’t lack in quality.

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 *Our meal was provided complimentary, for the sole purpose of review. All views expressed in this post are my own honest opinions and have not been influenced.