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Life Update

Another little life update…

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I posted this life update, but I guess here we are again!

Although looking back, I did actually post that one around five months ago. But still, I didn’t think I’d be posting another one so soon.

I would like to start by saying that I am a little all over the place at the moment, so I really hope you can make some sense of this post!

This whole COVID-19 situation has really knocked me for six. At first, I was one of those believers that everyone was overreacting and of course we’d be absolutely fine! WRONG. We are currently now in lockdown… It’s a really uncertain time right now and I think everyone is feeling it. So there is actually a bit of comfort in that to be honest – we’re all in the same boat, which is kind of reassuring and kind of not at the same time.

It’s put a spanner in many works and I only hope that it can rid itself ASAP. We all need to stay strong, support one another and seriously listen to the government advice.

Due to my job role, I am now currently classed as a ‘key worker’. Now you wouldn’t think a Visual Stylist would be on that list with NHS workers and the like… Neither did I! As you all know, M&S has a great food hall and so the majority of us have moved departments to help support the food team in this crazy period we’re currently going through. In all honesty, it’s not exactly ideal for me but I know I’m really lucky to still have my job.

My job role has changed dramatically and it’s something I am finding that I’m struggling with.

I’ve also in this time, since around January, started social media management outside of my full time job. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and am so happy to finally be doing it. I’m not planning on being all doom and gloom, but I’m just hoping it’s something I can continue with considering what we’re currently going through.

So I’ve basically been working loads, most days have been 10+ hour days and I’ve been bloody exhausted, not gonna lie. But it will be worth it! Luckily I’m currently on annual leave, so I do have a bit of time for myself and I’m planning on getting this blog back up and running for good. I’ve missed posting, I’ve missed engaging and I’ve missed taking photographs. I wish I could do this full time, but unfortunately I’ve got those pesky bills to pay!

I’m planning on taking the next few months as they come. I’m not planning on staying at my current job forever, which is a shame as I was so excited about it. But I guess it’s just another role that isn’t suitable for myself and that’s ok. I’ll get there, eventually!

Hopefully you’ll all feel a little bit more in the loop after reading this and can actually have at least a little understanding of where I’m actually at right now and what the heck I’m doing!

We’ve all got this, let’s support one another through these hard times and stay safe.

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