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A Whole Lot of BubbleT Cosmetics.

{contains gifted items}
Sharing my ever growing collection of BubbleT shower gels…

BubbleT is a cruelty free brand and I believe all of their products are vegan too (don’t quote me on that, I haven’t tried every single product, yet…), which is something a lot of us look for in brands these days.

BubbleT is seriously the most generous company ever! I’m constantly getting spoiled by them, receiving lots of their lovely products. So I really wanted to share my huge BubbleT shower gel collection and show you the amazing scents that they have on offer…

This is going to be a lengthy one, so I recommend grabbing yourself a snack or a cuppa and getting comfortable!

The Sweet Ones…

Strawberry Macaron* – A sweet strawberry treat! Deliciously sweet and girly – perfect for Valentine’s Day or your bestie. It is sweet in that light macaron way, honestly BubbleT just nail the scents. You can tell they keep going until the perfect scent is created!

Rhubarb & Custard* – With a blend of tangy rhubarb and sweet custard, this shower gel sounds good enough to eat. It legit smells like an actual rhubarb and custard sweet and I am beyond obsessed! It’s definitely tangy yet sweet – I think it’s my fave! I adore the scent of rhubarb and custard. This offering has not disappointed me in the slightest, it exceeded all of my expectations.

Raspberry Roulade* – Sweet, creamy and with a sharp raspberry twist. Wow, BubbleT are not lying! The sharp raspberry cuts through the sweet and creamy scent, making this one smell exactly like a fruity cake. It’s bloody delicious!

Salted Caramel* – A delicious blend of sweet salted caramel to leave you smelling good enough to eat! This one almost smells like a really sweet caramel version of tanning oil – either Hawaiian Tropic or Piz Buin, I can’t quite remember. It also reminds me of the caramel frappe you can get from the likes of Coffee #1, Starbucks, Costa, etc. Think the caramel sauce drizzled over the whipped cream… It’s incredible!

The Christmas Ones…

Berry Christmas* – Vitamin-rich cranberry extract with sweet tea notes. This one is very subtly ‘Christmas’ and smells super fruity, but has that warming Winter undertone to it – it’s incredible! It’s definitely a warming Summer Fruits scent.

Gingerbread* – With ginger extract to soothe sensitive skin and sweet cinnamon and biscuit notes to relax and refresh. Sounds to die for right?! This one is incredibly festive and just screams Christmas, I’m beyond obsessed. The warming ginger and cinnamon mix is seriously festive. Douse yourself in this and you’ll be sure to turn into the most Christmassy version of yourself, everrr.

The Fruity Ones…

Blueberry & Lime* – With blueberry extract and zingy lime notes. This one is very zingy! It’s fruity though as well and I can see both myself and Kieran using this one.

Pomegranate & Green Tea* – Nourish and restore with antioxidant-rich green tea extract and pomegranate scents. The packaging has since changed on this one and I’m loving the Pantone version. The scent is super fresh and refreshing, perfect for a morning shower to wake you up!

Hibiscus & Açai Berry Tea* – With blends of sweet orange oil and goji berry. The hibiscus scent is lovely and floral, alongside the açai berry which is very fruity – it’s the perfect combination. I adore fruity scents and this shower gel was the first one I received from BubbleT!

The Travel Friendly Ones…

Vanilla Chai Tea* – With vanilla extract and the sweet scents of cinnamon and honey. The cinnamon is really quite prominent in this shower gel, which definitely gives it that Winter-y vibe. Again, it smells quite warming because of the cinnamon – making this offering perfect for an evening pamper!

Avocado & Kiwi* – A zingy blend of moisturising avocado oil with sweet kiwi notes. This is very fresh and fruity! A great morning pick me up to start your day off perfectly. Avocado oil is so moisturising for your skin as well.

Coconut* – (The one I’ve linked I believe is a new version). With coconut oil to soothe and restore. This is pure dreaminess, aaaahhh. I adore the scent of coconut! This offering would make the perfect travel accompaniment for a beach getaway, it’s the perfect holiday scent.

Pink Lemonade* – With added lemon peel extract. This smells exactly like a freshly squeezed pink lemonade, it’s refreshing and super Summer-y! The lemon is very strong, so definitely one for those who enjoy the scent of lemons. Another great companion for your daily holiday shower!

The Ice Tea Ones…

Raspberry Ice Tea* – With the sweet scent of freshly picked raspberries and the refreshment of ice tea, including aloe vera extract to cleanse, soothe and moisturise the skin. This literally does smell like a raspberry ice tea, it’s so incredibly fresh and vibrant. It’s super Summer-y too!

Mango Ice Tea* – A sweet and fruity combination of mango and tea, with aloe vera to soothe and moisturise. This smells exactly like a fruit salad – you know those sweets from the 90s? SO nostalgic! The scent is absolutely delicious and is also super Summer-y and vibrant!

Peach Ice Tea* – A fruity shower gel with the sweet scent of juicy peach and the refreshment of ice tea, including aloe vera (again) to cleanse, smooth and moisturise. I love peaches! They smell amazing! This is sooo sweet, definitely not one for those who aren’t keen on sickly sweet scents. I love it though, it does smell like a peach flavoured sweet – almost good enough to eat!


BubbleT have recently launched their Soapscription – a monthly subscription service whereby they send you exclusive bath and shower gels, so you’re always fully stocked up! If you ask me, this subscription service is perfect for right now… What with all the empty shelves of everything! It’s a great way to be introduced to their new scents each month too.

They also currently have an offer live (I’ve just seen this on their website) where you can get 20% off all orders over £10 with the code STAYHOME.


Have you tried anything from BubbleT?

Disclaimer: This post contains gifted items, with no obligation to post about them.