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My Experience Trying Waterdrop.

{contains gifted items for review}
Sprucing up my water with Waterdrop…

Waterdrop enriches your water with fruit and plant extracts as well as valuable vitamins – everything you need to help you drink more. Waterdrop is also sugar-free and tastes great!

Sounds amazing right?! I only really drink water, so anything to make it a little more exciting has me intrigued… So when Waterdrop got in touch to collaborate, I knew this was the perfect opportunity for me to try out a new way of sprucing up my water.

You simply dissolve your chosen flavoured cube in 400ml-600ml still or sparkling water and you’re good to go!

I received a parcel containing the prettiest floral bottle which is extremely luxe and well worth the money, in my opinion. Also inside the parcel were 4 little boxes containing different flavoured microdrinks. These microdrinks are all individually packaged in recyclable PET, ensuring your Waterdrop stays fresh without using any unnecessary conserving chemicals. Waterdrop’s microdrinks use 97% less packaging than other conventional beverages and this gets a massive thumbs up from me, as I’m becoming more and more conscious of plastic waste.


My favourite flavour out of the whole bunch, I just love the flavour of blackcurrant and elderflower! Boost contains Blackcurrant, Elderflower and A├žai, alongside Vitamin C, B6 and B12! The main flavour I could taste was blackcurrant and this one had a really lovely and subtle fruity taste, which I really loved. I found this flavour the easiest to drink of the four!

Once dropped into my glass, the cube turned my water a lovely purple shade – it was very pretty!


A close second favourite! Relax contains Hibiscus, Acerola and Aronia, alongside Vitamin C, B1 and B7! I honestly did not think I would enjoy this one as much as I did, just because I had no idea what acerola and aronia were!? The former being a cherry and the latter being a berry – which would make sense as to why I enjoyed this specific flavour!

Relax tastes very floral, but in a lovely ‘I can drink this’ way. It’s definitely a relaxing tasting flavour too and I very much enjoyed this one. It turned the water a subtle pale pink shade.


Currently on the fence with this one… Defence contains Moringa, Rosehip and Cranberry, alongside Vitamin C, B2 and B7. I really like the flavour, but it does have a little bit of a bitter edge to it, which I guess is probably the cranberry!

Another one that once popped into your water turns it a subtle shade of pink. I found them so mesmerising to watch after they’d been dropped into my drink!


This is the one flavour I didn’t particularly like and I kind of knew that would be the case – I’m not really a caffeine girl, not that caffeine necessarily tastes of anything. I’m just not a huge fan and don’t drink things like tea and coffee on the regular! It almost had an aniseed after taste to it, to my tastebuds anyway, which is why I didn’t enjoy it.

The Nero pack contains Guarana, Cola Nut, Blackberry and Activated Charcoal, alongside Vitamin C, B6 and B12! The blackberry flavour is really lovely and is the first flavour that you taste. Once the cube has been dropped into your glass of water, it turns your water a deep purple shade!

Other Flavours…

Focus; containing Lime, Baobab and Acerola alongside Vitamin C, B1 and B5.

Glow; containing Mango, Cactus Fruit and Artichoke alongside Vitamin C, E and B1.

Youth; containing Peach, Ginger, Ginseng and Dandelion alongside Vitamin C, B3 and B7.

Clean; containing Herbs (thyme, sage and hop), Juniper Berry and Stinging Nettle alongside Vitamin C and E.

Zen; containing Starfruit, White Tea and Lemongrass alongside Vitamin C, B7 and B9, Folic Acid and Biotin.

The Bottle…

As I mentioned above, I also received the prettiest Edition Bottle* in the shade CLEAN turquoise. The bottle is made from high-quality borosilicate glass, reducing your carbon footprint. Honestly, this brand is so great – I love that more and more brands are becoming more environmentally aware and eco-friendly!

The unique illustrations are created by an artist called Marusha Belle and your bottle also comes with a protective and cooling thermal sleeve, keeping your fresh drink chilled whilst protecting it for transportation. It also has a little handle for on-the-go and a cute leakproof bamboo cap! My bottle came housed in a cardboard cylinder with the same CLEAN turquoise illustration – so pretty!


So far, I love everything about Waterdrop; their beautiful products, the way they do their marketing (hello, have you seen their dreamy Instagram page?!), how easy their website is to use, the way they care about the environment, all of it! It’s a seriously great brand with an amazing product.

If you’re interested in trying out some Waterdrop microdrink products for yourself, then they do actually have a small store located in Westfield Shepherd’s Bush, London! You’re able to try before you buy at their store – which I think is great, as you’re able to try the flavour’s you think you’ll like before spending any money.

Have you tried anything from Waterdrop?xoxo
Disclaimer: This post contains gifted items sent to me for review on my blog.