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My New House Plant Babies!

The new house plant additions to my home…

Before this whole shit storm fully kicked off, myself and Kieran popped to two of our local plant shops to pick up some new green friends. Which genuinely seems like a lifetime ago now, as we haven’t left the house (other than for our daily walk) for nearly two weeks now. We’re trying to be as sensible as possible so that this virus can stop spreading!

Mint Plants is the cutest little shop and I can’t wait to head back for some more plants once they’re open again. But for now, I thought I’d share the new additions that have made their way into my home…


Our Monsterra plant has now been moved to our bedroom, as it’s getting a little out of control and too wide for the area I had first put it in. So obviously I needed to fill its empty spot… So I chose this gorgeous Calathea! I’m very intrigued by this plant, as it opens up during the day and closes up every evening – it’s very cool, I must say.

I’ve already noticed two new leaves appear since bringing it back into our home, so not giving it any water is obviously working wonders!

String of Pearls

I have wanted a String of Pearls plant for the longest time, even though they’re apparently super difficult to look after and make thrive. Seeing as how I killed off most of my String of Hearts, this should go down well…

I adore the cute little beads and just think they make the prettiest indoor house plant. I also bought the pot from Mint Plants – they have the loveliest selection of plant pots, all ranging in sizes, and as soon as I spotted this little cutie I knew I had to own it! I’ve added it to my kitchen windowsill, after having a little rearrange of everything on there, and am now obsessed with how it looks.

Parlour Palm

I must confess that I’m not the most confident in keeping this one alive… But we shall see and keep our fingers crossed! I adore its ‘fluffiness’ and I couldn’t help myself, anything tiny always has to come home with me. At the moment I’ve put the parlour palm in the corner of our lounge windowsill, but as they don’t appreciate direct sunlight I may have to move it elsewhere…

Dracaena Trifasciata

Also known as the mother in law’s tongue… I love this one! Apparently this guy only needs watering about once a month, once the soil is really dry, so I’m hoping I can actually care for this one well. I’ve popped him in our bathroom on the ledge we have in there, alongside my sunbeam mirror, typography art and gold word desk accessory. It finishes off the corner nicely!


I just need to remember that water is not your house plants best friend! I have a tendency to over water because I panic about them dying, but then I end up killing them anyway… Here’s hoping these four can flourish!

What house plants have you got on your list?xoxo♡ BlogLovin’ | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest