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A Look Back on January, February, March & April.

Sharing everything from January, February, March and April…

Well, it’s been a little while since my last monthly round-up hasn’t it… I really didn’t want to stop doing them, but sometimes life just gets in the way doesn’t it.

So instead of completely disregarding the first three months of the year, I thought I’d do a big round-up of the beginning of 2020 instead! So let’s have a little look back…

I feel like changing things up a bit, so let’s see how this goes… Firstly, ‘sharing the love’ will be back once I’ve actually caught up with everyone else’s content. However, I will continue to share anything that I’ve seen recently and have loved.

I would also like to add a section whereby I set myself a couple of monthly goals to achieve. I can be quite an unmotivated person, so to do lists and goals to tick off is a must for me!

I’ll be keeping my little stats section too, as I love looking back to see how far I’ve come – even it’s little baby steps, that’s still better than nothing. I’m someone who enjoys celebrating the little things in life and I get such joy from seeing and having a look back on any progress that I make.

My favourites for the month will continue and will probably constantly change too, as even though I’m someone who loves routine, I’m also really annoying and can get bored easily. Honestly, that sentence makes me sound like such hard work…

All of my favourites…

01. Beauty – The Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser has been my go to, until I thought it had run out. I started using other facial washes/cleansers and didn’t realise how much I missed this, until I went back and scraped the last bits out of the bottle. It feels so soft and luxurious on the skin and I just love it. I will be repurchasing this one as soon as I’ve used up all my other face cleansers!

I re-purchased my holy grail eyebrow product, as my old one was drying up.

02. Fashion – I was obsessed with wearing this outfit. I’d wanted a thick knitted cardigan for the longest time and found the perfect one from M&S.

I also managed to purchase the pistachio green version of this cardigan in the sale for £7!

03. Lifestyle – My sister’s new puppy, Ziggy! He’s the cutest little pup ever and I love him sooo much.

A fleeting family visit to Devon to celebrate my Granny’s birthday!

Finding the LOGO board game in one of my local charity shops. (This one linked is the newer version of ours and looks epic!)

04. HomeNew bedding set from M&S!

We finally got a laundry bin!! We have officially been in our home for over a year now and we’ve only just found the perfect one… Thank you Lakeland!

New plant babies! I had a bit of a mini plant haul in Mint Plants, just before lockdown and I posted all about them too.

I styled up my sideboard a week or so ago, as I was fed up of being unhappy with how it looked. As we’re in a rented property, we don’t want to spend too much money on anything that has to be left behind. So I’m trying to strike a balance between pieces I love and what actually matches the existing decor. It’s been difficult, let me tell you! I knew I wanted a gold mirrored tray though and I picked up this beautiful one from Oliver Bonas. I’m super happy with how it looks now!

05. Food – Prezzo sell a Chocolate Brownie Dome and it is to die forrrr. I ate it a fair few times at the beginning of the year and am currently missing my melting dome fix…

Revisiting COSMO was like stepping back in time! I used to go there allll the time when I was younger. They have since revamped the place and the food is as good as I remember.

06. Social Media – I’ve been obsessed with Tik Tok lately, some of the videos on there are hilarious.

I’ve got back into watching my favourite YouTuber’s videos as well, I really enjoy watching them!

A Selection of my Fave Photos…


Things I’m looking forward to…

01. Celebrating my birthday, lockdown style! Hopefully Kieran is getting his planning head on, cos this girl loves her birthday…

02. Planning trips away as soon as we can! I am so desperate for a holiday and the warm sunshine on my skin.

03. Creating lots of blog and Instagram content, including more IGTV videos which I have absolutely loved putting together recently.

04. Seeing the spare room makeover come together! I’ve ordered wardrobes from Homebase and a huge mirror from The Range – I’m so excited for them to arrive and for the room to be finished.

05. Baking some indulgent creme egg brownies, using this recipe that I’ve used before. They are delicious!

My goals for the month ahead…

01. Start regularly posting on my blog and Instagram again. There’s no excuse now, as I’m currently on furlough and I have all the time I need to get back in the blogging game. If you follow me on Instagram, hopefully you will have seen a change in my content recently. I’ve been putting a lot more work into my photos and feed, whilst posting consistently.

02. Get all of my unwanted fashion and beauty items listed on eBay and Depop. I will feel sooo much better once I have got everything listed and hopefully it will all start selling quicker too.

03. Continue catching up with reading blogs. I hate missing my favourite bloggers’ posts, so I’m determined to catch up as quickly as possible. So if you see me commenting on your post’s from January, then you know why…

04. Schedule and upload all photos to my Photography Instagram page and Facebook. Another thing I’m behind on! I would like to have all my recent work posted and then I can start promoting myself to get more wedding bookings for myself and Sam.

The stats for April…

Instagram followers: 3,186 | Blog views: 619 | BlogLovin’ count: 762 | Blog posts: 3 | Pinterest views: 1.5k


From now on, these posts will continue monthly. Hopefully you like the new layout and categories, I’m sure it’s something I’ll keep adapting!


Let me know what you’ve been loving the past few months?