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Twenty Five.

Is it just me who feels like twenty five is a pretty big birthday?

My plans for the day I turned twenty five were slightly different to what I had imagined… Originally we were supposed to be in London the weekend just gone, watching Hamilton with friends. It’s a shame because we were all really looking forward to it, but we’re hoping to rebook once everything starts reopening again – fingers crossed we’ll be able to get tickets again!

Instead, we spent the day having doorstep social distancing catch ups with friends and family (which was SO lush) and had a mini BBQ for tea! I mainly spent the day eating – how else would I spend my day?!

I felt like putting together a post featuring twenty five achievements (big or small) that I’m proud of, and also sharing ten goals I’d love to achieve by the time I turn thirty. Especially as it’s only five years away now and I feel like these next five years are going to have some big changes in store for me!

Twenty Five Achievements That I’m Proud Of…

  1. Becoming more confident. I’ve put this one first because I actually can’t believe how far I’ve come, specifically in terms of my confidence. I used to be the most shy person ever and didn’t ever use my voice (although now I probably use it a bit too much haha…).
  2. Renting our first home. Moving out and living together has been a positive learning curve, for sure!
  3. Creating my blog. I started this blog as a way to utilise my photography and haven’t looked back since.
  4. Getting an A* at GCSE & A Level in Photography. I worked my ass off and I’m so proud of myself for getting those grades. I’m not the world’s most intelligent person, so I always felt like a bit of a failure at school, until I found Photography!
  5. Passing my driving test first time. Learning to drive is really quite daunting, but it was something I really enjoyed and the freedom you feel when you pass your test is incredible.
  6. Photographing my first solo wedding. I shoot weddings alongside the Sam, however my lovely friends Graham and Amy asked me to photograph their wedding day and even though it was stressful, I absolutely loved it and they were thrilled with their pictures.
  7. Reaching out to a wedding Photographer to shadow. We are now great friends and I regularly assist Sam on her weddings!
  8. Getting a plane to Italy by myself. I think I was 16 or 17 and I still can’t believe I did it!
  9. Winning South West champion in Gymnastics. Receiving a gold medal was the highlight of my 10 year old life.
  10. My circle of friends. I don’t mean to brag, but I really do have the loveliest friends. I love you all!

11. Being able to take phone calls. It sounds silly, but if you had told me that I’d be answering phone calls a few years ago then I never would have believed you!

12. Overcoming severe anxiety. I don’t talk about it much at all, as it’s not something that I feel I need to talk about. However, when I was around 17 I suffered with my mental health really quite badly. I’m proud to say that I picked myself up and dusted myself off and came through the other side. Obviously I still have rare bad days, but I know how to cope with them a lot better now and feel incredibly strong for it.

13. My growing indoor plant collection. Plus keeping them alive! It’s not easy you know…

14. My relationship with my mum. What an absolute rock she is, the best person in my life. She’s had to put up with a lot from me, but we’re incredibly close and she’ll always be my best friend.

15. Organising a hen do. SO much harder than it sounds, but super rewarding and fun!

16. Learning to play the piano. Even though I can’t play anymore, learning to play the piano as a child is a great achievement and is definitely one I wish I had carried on.

17. Making eco-friendly changes to my lifestyle. This is so important and something I will continue to do.

18. Constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Whether that’s with new job roles, or simply doing something that I wouldn’t ordinarily do. Great things happen when you leave that comfortable zone of yours…

19. Paid AD’s on Instagram and my blog. It’s crazy to think that I started my blog as a way to utilise my photography and have actually been paid to create content for brands. It’s mad! I pinch myself every time.

20. Saving money. Harder than it sounds, am I right?!

21. Maintaining a happy relationship. It hasn’t always been this way and it’s definitely safe to say that we’ve had ours ups and downs. However, we’ve come through the other side and couldn’t be happier. Relationships take work and you’ve got to try, compromise and value each others happiness.

22. Giving up sugar for 6 weeks. Oh this was hard, but needed to be done for my health! I think I need another sugar detox soon…

23. Travelling to new places. Seeing the world is amazing and I’m lucky to have visited quite a few places in the last twenty five years!

24. Slowly overcoming homesickness. Suffering with homesickness really does have its drawbacks sometimes, as it rears its ugly head randomly. Sometimes you can travel half way across the world and feel fine, other times you don’t. I had a massive knock back with Bali, but I’m determined to go back and rectify that.

25. Becoming more open-minded. Educating yourself on anything you don’t fully understand is so important, especially before forming an opinion.

Ten Goals Before 30…

  1. Buy our first home together. We’ve been desperately wanting to purchase our very own home for the longest time now, but we’re both rubbish at saving and have had unforeseen circumstances happen. This is one goal I am adamant will happen by the time I turn 30.
  2. Get engaged/married. Kieran and I have been together for 9 years now, so I’m sure we’ll be engaged and married before we both turn 30!
  3. Potentially have a baby. Even writing that down actually makes me feel sick… I’m nowhere near ready yet, but I would like to become a mum before I’m 30. So here’s hoping my tune changes and I guess pretty quickly too, as 5 years is not long at all!
  4. Work as a Social Media Manager. This is currently something I am doing, however it’s not enough to be my main income right now because of bloody COVID… So I’m hoping to still be able to pursue this career with more hours as soon as I can, fingers crossed!
  5. Buy a new camera. I have been looking to upgrade my professional camera for a long time now, but I have no idea what to get! All I know is that the models I have been looking at are £1,000+, so I need to get saving! I currently have the Canon 700D.
  6. Have photography as a part time income. I’m loving getting creative with the studio shoots and this is something I’m keen to continue and earn money from, going forward.
  7. Create my very own studio. Once we’ve purchased said future home of course… I’ve always wanted my own studio and creative space for professional shoots!
  8. Have our own pet. Preferably we’d like two cats and a dog… But it depends on work situations, as we won’t want a dog unless one of us works from home! I already have their names planned out too…
  9. Create a wardrobe I feel inspired by. Slowly I’m starting to shift out the old, tired pieces and add in new bits that I love. Trying to find your own personal style is hard! I like too many different styles.
  10. Travel loads. Here’s hoping normal travel can resume, as I have lots of places on my list to tick off.


So here’s to being twenty five! I hope the next five years are filled with lots of fun, laughter, good health and smiles!

Tell me something you’re proud of!