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A Look Back on May.

Sharing everything from the month of May…

May felt a little bit slower, don’t you think? Maybe that’s because it’s my birthday month, so I tend to enjoy it more and have something to look forward to!

All of my favourites…

01. Beauty – I almost forgot how good the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick {aff link} is, it’s so creamy and hydrating. Great if you’ve got dry lips but still want to add some colour to your lips!

02. FashionThese leopard print converse {aff link} are my new obsession! I also bought these cream jeans {aff link} and they are the comfiest jeans I own.

03. Lifestyle – The sun, obviously! This tropical weather we’ve been having since mid-May has absolutely lifted everyones spirits. Lockdown isn’t so bad when you can chill outside and top up your tan whilst reading your book!

My new Lumie Light {aff link} has been amazing. I definitely recommend this more for Autumn/Winter use, as the early morning light wakes me up at 5am most days… I will post my review of the Lumie Light probably when I’ve used it more once I’m back to work/the darker mornings come back.

I’ve started reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and I am loving it so far. Hopefully I’ll finish it this month and I can come back and review it!

04. Home – Our wardrobes finally arrived, after nearly 10 weeks of waiting… They’re built and now I’m waiting on our new mirror and rug for the room, before revealing our ‘spare room update’ video!

I bought two jewellery boxes {aff link} from H&M and I honestly can’t recommend them enough, I love them.

All of my house plants are bringing me so much joy at the moment, I’ve got quite the collection coming along and I still have room for more! (don’t tell Kieran…)

05. Food – I received the Breville VBL120 Blender for my birthday, so smoothie making has been my thing since getting it. Aldi do great frozen fruit bags perfect for smoothies! Currently sipping on my at Mango Magic smoothie whilst writing this…

If any of you like dark chocolate, I can’t recommend the Bourneville Chocolate Buttons enough. I could eat the whole bag, they’re delicious!

06. Social Media – I’m still loving slow mornings and evenings catching up on my fave YouTubers.

A selection of my favourite photos…


Things I’m looking forward to…

01. June will see us slowly coming out of ‘isolation’, due to groups of 6 now being able to meet up (socially distanced of course). I’m looking forward to seeing my friends and family again and things feeling a little bit more ‘normal’.

02. I feel like April had me all baked out, so I’m hoping to get back into it in June. I’m planning on making indulgent creme egg brownies (I didn’t make them last month!) and also the Tanya Burr cookies again!

03. Continued warm and sunny weather, hopefully! I’ve been loving reading my book in the sun, especially on days when I’m feeling more stressed.

My goals for the month ahead…

01. Maybe June will see me list all of my remaining clothes to eBay and Depop!

02. Finish reading my book – currently reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.

03. Sort out the spare room, storage-wise. We’ve ordered some ‘hanging shelf’ inserts for the wardrobes, so hopefully they’ll arrive this week and I can get my sorting/organisation head on.

04. Plan, write and schedule more blog posts. I need to have a sit down and brainstorm everything I would like to write about and then start creating them!

The stats for May…

Instagram followers: 3,150 | Blog views: 733 | BlogLovin’ Count: 791 | Blog posts: 7 | Pinterest unique viewers: 615

I went through and had a bit of a de clutter of those inactive accounts following me, on Instagram. I also unfollowed any accounts that I wasn’t engaging with, or any of those large accounts that don’t necessarily fill me with positive emotions.

How was May for you?