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Guilty Pleasures That Are Good For You – In Bitesize Pieces

Picture by Skeeze from Pixabay – CC0 Licence


We’re all for making healthy choices if and where we can, particularly with our diets, to keep slim, fit, and youthful. But from time to time, you can’t deny the alluring smell of cakes from the local bakery tempts you to indulge. With two choices at hand, you can either resist, walk away, and pat yourself on the back. Or treat yourself, satisfy your appetite and your mood. After all, why restrict yourself from the guilty pleasures in life that you enjoy, life is for living!

To make your pleasures less guilty and more enjoyable. Here are some food and drink desires you thought were taboo, but are actually pretty good for you once in a while.


Whether a hard day at work or a dispute with one of your friends; is there anyone who doesn’t turn to a slice of cake and a cup of tea in hard times? Such as a fluffy on the inside, but crisp on the outside batch of chocolate Brownies Delivered to your door. With chunky chocolate chips (loaded with antioxidants) which are proven to lift your spirits. Moreover, even if just for a little while, cake reduces your stress levels. However, moderation is key. You may order a pack of cakes, but you don’t necessarily have to devour them all in one sitting. Less is more!

Ice Cream 

Did you know ice cream is a good source of energy and it also has some much needed nutritional value? Such as phosphorus, calcium, vitamin D, riboflavin and vitamin A. Which means, the next time you’re tempted to grab your favourite tub of Ben and Jerrys, you can drop the guilt and get straight to the pleasure. Because ice cream, in reasonable amounts, apparently isn’t so bad for you after all.


You probably already know that red wine is pretty good for reducing the risk of heart problems, but did you know champagne is too? A bottle of champagne combines a flurry of antioxidants derived from both white and red grapes. Antioxidants, like those found in red wine, fend off illnesses such as heart problems, strokes and reduces high cholesterol. If you’re wondering how much is too much, a University of Reading study revealed two glasses of champagne a day might help to reduce heart conditions. So what are you waiting for? Break out the champagne!


Caffeine lovers – this is one for you. The number one reason most people drink coffee is that it helps to launch and lift you off into the day with an unrivalled energy boost. Giving you some much-needed oomph, determination and drive to get your job, errands, and life sorted. But there’s more, as mentioned with the above guilty pleasures, disease-fighting antioxidants have become a running theme, and coffee is full of them. Studies reveal the high antioxidant content extracted by the body from daily moderate coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and type 2 diabetes.


Wait! Before you run off and order all of your guilty pleasures, remember moderation is critical, and too much of anything is never great for you.