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Choosing a Great Piece to Class Up any Room

Choosing a Great Piece to Class Up any Room

Not all of us can afford a huge remodel, or to buy all new furniture at the same time. So for many of us, when we feel like we need a change, and just have to switch up the look of our home, we have to get creative with our remodel and style attempts.

Photo by Blank Space from Pexels

One easy way to transform the look of any room without spending a ton is to invest in one accent piece – a piece of furniture, something electronic, or even a piece of art – that will bring the room into a new aesthetic. It doesn’t have to be anything hugely expensive or even large – just interesting and/or classy enough to draw the eye and make the room pop. 

Here’s a few ideas for how to transform any room with just one key piece. 


Table and Chairs

If you’re looking to transform the appeal of your dining room or kitchen nook, and you’ve been hanging onto that dusty, scratched and old table and chairs forever, it’s time for an upgrade. Newer table and chairs styles are sleek, glossy and functional, and come in a huge variety of styles, shapes, sizes and price points. One new trend that’s really catching eyes are the gloss dining tables and chairs; the glossy, shiny aesthetic is not only gorgeous and classy, but easy to clean and goes with pretty much any modern decor. 


Couches and Seating

For years and years now – decades – we’ve all been sitting on cushy, plush couches that you sink into the moment you sit down. And while those are great for napping and every day comfort, let’s face it: after a couple of years, they don’t look great. Nobody wants a threadbare, sunken in couch as the focal point of their living room. 

Luckily, vintage and retro couches are making a comeback, as well as new designs that are inspired by the retro and/or vintage look. Think leather and pleather, polyester, and other “vintage” fabrics, in bright colors and cool designs that still offer comfort without being too slovenly. Buying a cool retro or vintage couch or chair can totally change the look of any living space instantly. 



Innovative new ideas in shelving and bookshelves are becoming really popular; the shelves themselves, which are being built with interesting new materials and designs, as well as the way you use them. Organizing your books by color or in aesthetic, interesting ways has become all the rage. With a cool new shelf and a fun way of organizing the contents within, you can turn your shelves into the focal point of any foyer or library, and organize your space at the same time. 

These are just three ideas for furniture pieces that can transform the look of any room while remaining functional, fun and affordable. Don’t just take our advice. Any furniture piece can become a talking point if you get creative. What’s your favorite?