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Another Life Update…

Let’s catch up shall we?

After my last life update, things went a bit crazy/weird/unsettling for a while, in the form of coronavirus. I think we were all blissfully unaware of the impact it would have on us all… Most of us are either working from home or furloughed. I am both the former and the latter! However, I am now fully self-employed (I guess).

Without going into too much detail, my contract with M&S ended towards the end of July. I’m totally fine about it because I wasn’t enjoying it on the whole anyway and the hours were beyond ridiculous – I am not a morning person! Also, the social media management that I have been doing has kicked up a notch, so if/when I do need something, it has to be part time/more flexible. I think everyone will agree with me here that it’s probably about time I got out of my own head and pushed my photography more!

I have a couple of ideas in the pipeline, which I will share more of probably on my photography page in the coming weeks and I would love your guys help. So if any of you are willing to like my page and look out for posts from me over the next few weeks, then I would really appreciate it!

My plan during lockdown was to be more active on my blog and Instagram. I definitely was on Instagram, however I’ve been struggling with knowing what to write about. Then my social media work picked up, so I haven’t really had the time. I think I also need to find my groove with what I enjoy writing and talking about. I love the ‘lifestyle’ category where I can literally write about whatever I want, including my life. However, I’m not really sure what people come to my blog for, so I would like to sit down and create a plan and find out why people enjoy reading my blog – so if you fancy letting me know in the comments, then I would totally appreciate that!

For now, I’m continuing to work from home and really enjoying it. I plan to share more info on what kind of photography I’m offering very soon and I have a plan in mind of a bespoke product/service that I can offer. I’m really excited about it and I’m hoping it will be something that people want to buy and pay money for.

Also, BIG news… We got KITTENS! I actually can’t believe it, I have been waiting for this moment my whole life (it feels like). I am actually in love with them and it’s been the longest six weeks of my life. We reserved them when they were two weeks old! They’re called Willow and Frankie and they’re two sisters. Also, not that I’m biased, but they are the cutest kittens in the world. From here on you can expect alllll the kitten spam over on Instagram and I’m not even sorry about it!

So that’s my current life update that I have for you all. I don’t think I’ve missed anything… I’m really hoping things will finally fall into place for me and I can enjoy my working life. Whilst also having much more of a work/life balance. Who knows what the future holds for us all, but as long as we all stay safe and sensible, let’s hope we can kick corona in the butt and get a bit more back to ‘normal’. Whatever that’s going to be…

How did you find lockdown?