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A Look Back On August.

Sharing everything from the month of August…

I’m a little late with this post because I feel like August just went by in a complete flash! It’s crazy to think that we’re now in September… This year has been a bit of a ride hasn’t it?!

All of my favourites…

01. Beauty – I’ve been loving the Nivea Naturally Good Toner* {PR product, aff link} for my evening cleanse. It feels really lovely on the skin and smells really good too!

02. Fashion – I’ve been obsessed with wearing my peach hi-top converse this month. You probably all know by now how much I love the colour peach, so I’ve been pairing these with light denim jeans and a casual plain white tee – I’ve got a post coming soon on that outfit actually!

03. Lifestyle – I treated myself to a new iPhone, so of course I had to find the perfect case for it and I found this one from Skinny Dip that I fell in love with!

04. Home – I managed to find a hanging mirror to finish off our sideboard nicely. I’ll be sharing a photo on Instagram soon!

05. Food – White chocolate twix’s, oh my gaaawd. These are so good! I love white chocolate though, so definitely hunt them down and try them if you do too.

06. Social Media – Still YouTube! I absolutely love spending time catching up with my fave YouTuber’s.

A selection of my favourite photos…

Things I’m looking forward to…

01. Filling my weekends more. I’m very bad for getting stuck in a vicious circle of laziness, so I want to make sure that I’m making plans for my weekends to really make the most of them. It’s been a hard transition from complete lockdown to this new ‘normal’!

02. Exploring the Cotswolds, as it’s only an area 20 mins from us and we hardly ever go and explore. We are technically part of Gloucestershire, but calling the area I live in the Cotswolds is a bit of a stretch unfortunately!

My goals for the month ahead…

Last month I didn’t 100% complete my goals. I did, however, purchase some more crafts bit to make a start on the scrapbook. I am also a little closer to getting a better work/life balance too, which feels great!

01. Take more time offline. I have a post coming on this, but I spent a whole day without my phone and it felt really good. So I want to make putting my phone away a more regular thing that I practice.

02. Write more blog posts. I have a few in mind that I’d like to get written and scheduled.

03. Start posting on Instagram again. I posted recently about my current thoughts on Instagram and I’d love to get back to posting on there soon, when I feel up to it!

The stats for August…

Instagram followers: 3,159 | Blog views: 400 | BlogLovin’ Count: 834 | Blog posts: 3 | Pinterest monthly viewers: 1.3k | Pinterest followers: 101

What did you love throughout ?xoxo

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