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My Current Thoughts on Instagram.

On falling out of love with Instagram…

Instagram’s a funny one isn’t it? I think we all have a very up and down relationship with the platform. At the moment, I’m the latter. It’s not filling me with the joy that it once was and I’m struggling to find the motivation, or want, to be active.

You may, or may not, have noticed that I have been quite inactive on the platform over the past few weeks. I’m finding that my negative thoughts are a little too overbearing and I’m not finding joy in scrolling through my home feed at the moment. The constant comparison is starting again, so I’m trying to take a step back before it becomes too much of an issue! It’s easy to tell yourself not to do it, but sometimes we just can’t help it can we.

I used to love having a scroll through my feed and supporting fellow creators by leaving them a comment. I just feel like I can’t be bothered to do that at the moment and that should be totally ok. Sometimes we just need some time and space and I’d rather leave genuine comments than forced or fake ones.

I haven’t been posting my own photos either, as I have no idea what to write in my captions at the moment. I’m being super picky with the layout of my future photos too – I wish I could just go with the flow and post whatever, but I’m too much of a perfectionist! I’m desperate to start posting more real-time content though, so hopefully I can find a balance with this soon.

I don’t really have an end goal for this post, I just wanted to share my thoughts and get them down on ‘paper’. Hopefully some of you are feeling the same way, or at least have done in the past. I think it’s important to remember that everyone has a ‘real life’ away from the gram. Sometimes we’re too busy or too stressed and just need a break from having something else to think about. Hopefully I’ll pass through this phase soon, as I have lots of great content to share with you all!

How is your relationship with Instagram? I’d love to know!