Annoying Fashion Problems Women Have To Solve

Pixabay – CC0 Licence


When you’re a woman and into fashion, the world is your oyster. You go on shopping trips, pick up the pieces you love, and indulge in the way it makes you feel. After all, looking good is feeling good! It’s only when annoying issues raise their heads that you realise being a fashionista isn’t all picnics and rainbows. How can jeans with fake pockets be anything but cute and creative? Sometimes, the sacrifices you make for style are downright annoying. Thankfully, where there is a will, there is a way because these fashion solutions are tailored to stop you from getting irate!


Never Having Enough Space

The more you buy, the more storage space you have to find. Unfortunately, homes are not created equal, so every bedroom isn’t filled with nooks and crannies where you can hang and fold your precious items. Therefore, you must be innovative and come up with more efficient ways to store your stuff, such as considering different types of wardrobes. A traditional closet is bulky and often inaccessible, whereas a foldable one is easier to fit into tight areas. Plus, you can always move it if things start to become cluttered!


Wearing Spanx

Sara Blakely is a billionaire for a reason – Spanx work. Whether you’re a curvy woman or a little slimmer, you’ve probably used the material to make a tight dress appear more flattering. However, they can be tough to get on and even more uncomfortable to wear for long periods. The good news is, there are several small tips and tricks that make life easier for Spanx wearers. For example, don’t put them on straight after you hop out of the shower as your body is too warm and wet. Also, research which type suits your figure. If you have a tiny waist and enormous boobs, a full bodysuit won’t fit, but an open bust one will.


Peeing In A Jumpsuit

There’s no way around the fact that you’ll have to strip to pee in a jumpsuit. For most women, the cute and flirty design the jumpsuit or romper brings is worth the hassle in the bathroom. Yet, things can get a tad unhygienic if you lose your cool after a few bevvies. With that in mind, you need to remember to hang up your suit if you’re going to strip down before sitting on the loo. Otherwise, if you leave it on the floor, you could have a few stains to explain!


Ignoring An Inappropriate Find

You spot the perfect find, only to realise there’s a problem, such as it doesn’t fit. Still, you won’t let it stop you because it’s cheap and unique and you want it very badly! So, you make excuses and convince yourself nothing’s wrong, only to hate everything about it once you wear it for the first time in public. Look, if you’re thick-skinned enough to ignore the glances, don’t change. However, if the unwanted attention makes you uncomfortable, you need to resist the urge to buy inappropriate pieces and wait for something more suitable.


What fashion problems do you hate the most?