Top Tips To Get Your Home Warm This Winter

It’s not uncommon for people in Britain to turn their heating on in October and continue using it until April. Usually, around the same time, the clocks change. There is no denying that many people dread the heating bills this time of the year, and it is something that many people end up trying to pay off throughout the year. You’re not alone with this, however, there are also some ways that you can get your home warm this winter to help reduce the heating bills.

Image by Leo Fontes from Pixabay 

Let’s have a look at some of them below:

Make Sure It’s All Working 

It is essential for you to make sure you have an annual check on your boiler and central heating system. Gas and heating engineers are there to assist you and make sure any problems are identified sooner rather than later. At the end of the day, you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of winter with no heating or hot water. 

Make Use Of Your Curtains 

You will be surprised by how much heat you can get from the sun, open your curtains wide during the day, and make use of the free heating. When it starts to get darker, shut your curtains. This will act as an additional layer of insulation for your rooms. It’s also good to make use of voils and blinds, as it helps to stop any of the hot air leakings and escaping through your windows. 

Timers Are Your Best Freind 

Use timers on your central heating, this way you can turn it on half an hour earlier at a lower temperature and heat your home cheaper than whacking it on full whack for short periods. The boiler heats at a constant rate regardless of the temperature you put on the thermostat, so make sure you don’t waste the time it rises. Also, try not to leave your heating running all day on low, set a minimum temperature once your time’s sessions are over and it will kick back in if it drops too cold. 

Maximise Your Insulation

When it comes to heating your home, around 25% in lost just through your roof. It is easy to minimize this though, you need to ensure you have the right amount of insulation available. You should also think about your walls and flooring. There are many government schemes at the moment that could help you to maximise the insulation in your home and turn it into a more energy-efficient property plus save you money on your heating bills. 

Block Out The Draughts

This is really as simple as using a draught exclude to top any heat been lost from under the doors. However, you may also want to spot check the sealing around your windows too. Over time you may notice that there are draughts coming from your windows. This means that they need a new layer of sealant or some insulation around the edges. 


These five tips should help you to get your home warm this winter. Are there any other tips that you use? Please share them in the comments below.