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A Christmas Movie Line Up: 25 Films To Watch.

25 days of pure magic…

This is the first of my daily posts throughout December and expect the majority of them to be festively themed! I’ve got some great posts lined up for this month and I can’t wait to share them all. I hope you enjoy reading them.

I guess you could almost class this as a ‘daily challenge’ of which Christmas movies to watch this December. I’ve listed some absolute classics, and my personal favourites, that I’ll be aiming to watch this year. Also, Netflix have got some absolute Christmas crackers that I really recommend watching. I have so many on my list to watch and they all look perfect for the festive season. The great thing about a Christmas movie is all of the cheese – I love it! Oh, and I’ll also be glued to Christmas24 on TV too… I love a cheesy romantic Christmas movie.

  1. Home Alone
  2. The Holiday
  3. Deck The Halls
  4. Love Actually
  5. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
  6. The Holiday Calendar (Netflix)
  7. Four Christmases
  8. Holidate (Netflix and on my list to watch)
  9. Holiday Rush (Netflix)
  10. Arthur Christmas
  11. Last Christmas (on my list to watch)
  12. The Christmas Miracle
  13. The Princess Switch (Netflix)
  14. Christmas with the Kranks
  15. The Christmas Chronicles (Netflix)
  16. The Princess Switch 2 (Netflix and on my list to watch)
  17. Love the Coopers (on my list to watch)
  18. The Polar Express
  19. Holiday in the Wild (Netflix and on my list to watch)
  20. The Christmas Chronicles 2 (Netflix and on my list to watch)
  21. Nativity
  22. Fred Claus
  23. Elf
  24. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  25. How The Grinch Stole Christmas/The Grinch

I’ll happily tick off watching all of these over the next few weeks, in my Christmas pj’s, with a festive hot chocolate and a cosy blanket! Give me all of the festive feels! I’m so excited.

What’s your all time favourite Christmas movie?