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A Festive December To-Do List.

I live for this time of year and I’m excited to get even more festive!

Let’s be honest, I started the festivities back in November… A lot of us have had (and are currently still having) a ‘festive lockdown’ to try and lift our spirits and not let the dreaded C word dampen our moods. We decided to put up our Christmas decorations on the second last weekend of November and it was THE best decision we made all year to be honest!

I wanted to start off December with a fun little ‘festive to-do list’:


  1. Wrap all of my Christmas gifts – I’ve found recyclable brown patterned paper for this year! I’ve also bought some festive ribbon to tie onto the parcels too.
  2. Write all of my Christmas cards and get them sent.
  3. Finish off my Christmas shopping – I’m so nearly done and it feels good to be super organised.
  4. Watch allll of the Christmas films!
  5. Finish off the rest of my Blogmas content – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing and putting together all of my upcoming posts for this month. I started writing them in November!
  6. Bake some festive treats – I have gingerbread cookies on my list and I want to try and make a festive take on banana bread…
  7. Try making my very own Mulled Cider. I LOVE Mulled Cider, but it usually has orange/lemon in it and I can’t eat citrus. So I’d love to try and create my own Mulled Cider ‘recipe’ (I think I’ll tweak this one). A warming cup of this always reminds me of watching the fireworks at my friend’s old house – so nostalgic.
  8. Finish off a personalised scrapbook – it will be a gift for someone in my family!
  9. Take a mini ‘road trip’ to see all of the Christmas lights in and around my area – I love doing this! So magical.
  10. Read at least two festive books on my to-read pile (post coming soon on this!).
  11. Go on festive walks, stopping by a coffee shop to grab a takeaway festive hot drink.
  12. Buy and consume all of the festive treats!


What’s on your festive to-do list for this month?