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Christmas Gifting with Prestige Flowers.

A true Winter Warmer…

We all know of someone who would appreciate a gorgeous bunch of flowers this festive season! Prestige Flowers always have the most breathtaking bouquets and this one, the Winter Warmer*, is no exception.

The Packaging…

I may be wrong, but I believe that the packaging has changed slightly. The flowers have always been delivered in a tall cardboard box and wrapped in a water soaked piece of material to keep the flowers as fresh as possible during delivery. For extra security, it looks like they’ve added another piece of cardboard inside the box to ensure that the flowers stay completely still and don’t move. I personally feel that they’ve really nailed the packaging and I thought I’d pull the key details about how Prestige Flowers is sustainable:

  • ‘Each year we recycle 104 tonnes of green waste into compost, which is equivalent to eight double-decker buses!’
  • ‘Each year, we recycle all of our cardboard (60 tonnes), equivalent to six Blue Whales!’
  • ‘All of our staff are committed to protecting the environment. They use recyclable/reusable bottles.’
  • ‘We’re virtually zero-landfill, and we are working on the rest.’
  • ‘We have replaced most plastic packaging e.g bubble wrap with sustainable paper alternatives.’
  • ‘We have replaced ribbons with raffia, which is a recyclable form of hay.’
  • ‘We don’t use ribbon ties – we use sustainable wooden holders instead.’
  • ‘Our individual flower food packaging is fully compostable and the ink printed on it is dissolvable to ensure that it degrades.’

I have to say that all of this is very impressive and gets a huge thumbs up from me. I never knew any of this before, so I’m pleased to be working with a sustainable brand!

The Bouquet…

I opted for a more neutral bouquet, so that the flowers complimented our tree decor nicely. I was also immediately drawn to the sparkly pinecones, not gonna lie… So pretty! The mixture of flowers in the bouquet are:

  • White Chrysanthemums Blossoms
  • White Lilies
  • Avalanche Roses
  • Christmas Pinecones

I also love the little copper leaves and extras that were added to the bouquet – making it even more festive and beautiful!

My Overall Thoughts…

I am delighted to have a bunch of Prestige Flowers back in my home – I’m always wowed by how beautiful their arrangements are. This particular bouquet lasted around two weeks. A couple of the roses died off a little quickly and we did try the tip of putting them in boiling water for a few seconds, but unfortunately that didn’t work! However, once the lilies bloomed I just took out a few of the not-so-alive looking flowers and gave the lilies their time to shine!

Have you ever had flowers from Prestige Flowers?

Disclaimer: This post contains a PR product sent for review.