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Different Ways to Spread Christmas Cheer.

A few ways you can share a little bit of Christmas cheer…

We all know that this year has been tough for everyone, so I thought I’d put this post together to share lots of different ways that you can spread Christmas cheer. Lord knows we all need it!

  1. Send your family and friend’s a Christmas card with a cute little note instead, prompting a catch up
  2. Bake some festive treats and package some up for family and friends too!
  3. Blare Christmas music and sing along
  4. Decorate your home, including outdoor lights so that passers by feel super festive
  5. Put together a festive themed quiz to do online, over a video call, with your family or friends
  6. Donate to charity – a food bank, clothes bank, charity shop, etc. anything you can do!
  7. Help a family member decorate their home (if you can of course)
  8. Shop small and shop local for your Christmas presents – make an independent business owner happy this year and show them they’re hard work is worth it
  9. Compliment a stranger if you like their outfit/makeup/etc. especially if they’re wearing a fab Christmas jumper!
  10. Acknowledge everyone you see when you head out for a walk. A little ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’ could put a smile on someone’s face
  11. Show your favourite creators some love by liking, commenting, sharing or watching any content they create
  12. Bring in a load of treats for your colleagues in the office (or wherever you work)
  13. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or a nursing home, etc. If you have the time to do so and can depending on what tier you’re in etc.
  14. Cook something new for dinner to surprise your partner – light some candles, use your ‘best’ tableware, get dressed up and have a lovely evening
  15. Put your phone away and give someone your undivided attention. There’s nothing better than someone genuinely listening to what you’re saying – be present in the moment!
  16. Watch a Christmas movie and feel all of the happy festive vibes, complete with a delicious hot chocolate
  17. Arrange a virtual dinner with family member’s or friend’s
  18. Go for a walk to see all of the Christmas lights in your local area – I did this the other day and it was amazing to see how many people have put the effort in this year!
  19. Buy a stranger their morning coffee (if you’re able to)
  20. Create and put together a care package to send to someone who needs it – we used to do this in school, where we would fill a shoe box with necessities and goodies to donate to those less fortunate
  21. Randomly buy someone you love a bunch of gorgeous flowers
  22. Become someone’s pen pal
  23. If you have a pet, let someone you know walk them or look after them for a few hours – nothing puts a smile on your face like a pet does!
  24. Make a batch of food to put in containers and take round to your elderly relatives
  25. Send someone a Christmas hamper filled with their favourite festive food’s!

These are just a few ways to put a smile on someone’s face this month. Shoutout to my friend Hannah for helping me put together some of these ideas too!

How will you be spreading Christmas cheer this month?